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Shaaluji is a little tensed,
She has been practising her’speech’ since 2 days,
But she knows not why she minces with words here and there.
She sits down to mug it up again,
Afterall she has to be impressive,
She is aspiring to be the new secretary of the society of her building,
Excitement and happiness shines on her face,
She has so much to talk about,
And enlighten the neighbors with her views,
Ofcourse, she is inspired,
Its Election time after all.


‘Congenital litterbugs we are’-she forgets the sentence again,
She had insisted her husband Sharmaji to prepare an easy one for her,
But he had said- If you want to win, talk in good English,
Everyone is talking about general lack of cleanliness and hygiene,
He showed her the photo of our PM ji with the broom,
Inspired again, she swooned with pride,
Happily she thought to herself,
Not much did Fashionable Jassi and Mrs.Gupta know about clean India,
They only talked about their foreign beauty products and rising maid rates,
Just then she starts cutting vegetables on the dirty chopping board,
Oops the all swabbing kitchen cloth is utterly unclean too.


So the D day arrives,
While the maid cleans or uncleans the house,
Shaaluji is busy draping her expensive saree,
Her younger son comes and demands attention,
Mumma- I want to pee,the toilet is dirty,
Dont disturb me, you can do it in the garden betaji,
Soon she sits in the car and Sharmaji drives,
She realizes she hasn’t eaten the banana of the day,
Gobbling the fruit, off she threw the skin on the road,
Sharmaji gave her company by chewing his paan-masala,
Ofourse the wrapper went for a toss on the roadside.


They reached at the convention center where the speech/voting was planned,
Without waiting to find the dustbin she threw a few papers-bits just outside the gate,
The speech on cleanliness lay in tatters biting the dust,
The son of the guard standing nearby laughed, as if making a mock,
Did he know that Madam was gonna talk on clean habits and ways to keep our society clean,
While others speak, Shaaluji listens but smirks,
And then she took charge,
Haplessly, she had forgotten it all,
Then she uttered,
Dear people, she coughed!

Vote for me, she started on a high note with the speech playing in her mind now,
If I will become secretary of the society, I will work towards cleanliness,
We should keep our houses clean,
We must all put garbage in garbage bins,
We should not throw our garbage outside our neighbors place,
‘Congenital litterbugs we are’ but we have to change ourselves,
Lets start from our society,
I will get placed more dustbins in the society,
Its amusing to see people litter around,
I have never thrown a wrapper on the road (she coughed at her own lie),
And I teach my kids healthy and clean habits,
I am sure you all know it.


The people clapped,
It had been impressive to be called litterbugs,
To many it sounded close to literate,
Some thought it was a new bug in the society to which Shaluji had a solution,
Overall, many people voted in her favor,
But the real truth was yet to be seen,
When Shaaluji got up from her table,
A heap of debris was left behind,
Without bothering to put them in the dustbin,
Wrappers of chip packets, cold drink cans lay there,
The son of the gaurd laughed again,
So here Madam was talking about cleanliness, Really?

LitterBugs— He dint know what it meant and rushed to check the meaning in his dictionary.



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