O’ dear Skin Fairy,
Earnestly, I seek your magical touch and glory.

The prom night, my lovely date, my best friend’s wedding, the photo shoot,
Ugly bloats in pink and red haunt still and continue to loot.

I confess I grew up Jealous of my best friend Lucy Trine,
Her skin was all about clarity, sparkles and shine.

You knew how much I loved party-hopping,
For many years I lived my share of heart-breaks because of pimple popping.

My first boyfriend Arthur had fallen for my dimples,
Aaargh! one day he had said, its embellished with nasty pimples.

Clutch, shoes, dress, earrings- all pop ‘n’ chic,
But for my spotty face and neck always made me look sick,

Everyone marveled at my sleek, slender and my petite frame,
But these oily zits never missed a chance to make me look lame,

Acne has given me cutaneous and emotional scars,
No less I have grown hating them and dying to wage a war,

The mirror warns- young lady, keep a watch on your back,
I detest their sight but your painful enemies have come to Attack,

Its my bachelorette soon and wedding in a month,
Oh! it feels terrible so see pus and pimples make craters on my cheek,

Panicky me can’t think of What do I hide it with?
My long hair, ornate embellishment, fur or brocade lith,

I feel inferior, not your blessed one, on my happiest day I whine,
I wish there was a look alike or an acne-free clone of mine.

My charming looks are at stake,
All night I sit worried and awake.

I need no acne, no pimples, no spots and only gorgeous skin.
Answers my prayers, please ensure my win.

Lotions and creams claim to enhance the beauty of my face,
But I am in dire need of one that could paralyze the ugly pimples attacking pace.

Yours Sincerely,
Girl with Dimple and Pimple

Inspired from my Sister’s Anxiety and Pimple Crisis




O my dear Singleton,
No less, you are my adorable ‘Beautiful One’.

You need not feel low in confidence and esteem,
Beauty is skin deep far above the luster of artificial-cream.

Too much oil, bacterial infection, hormonal imbalance leads to pimples,
Lets find solution one by one, easy and simple.

Lets go back to the indigenous remedies that can fight clogged sebaceous glands,
First comes Neem which is the wonderful herb that purifies, detoxifies and blands.

Tea tree oil reduces the severity and number of acne lesions,
It will definitely help to reduce your skin tensions.

Hereby, I send you a Garnier Pimple Potion,
It will threaten the bacteria and control the acne.

The super power of Neem leaf extract and Tea Tree Oil together will work,
Regular skin care regime will make all pimples shirk.

I promise all lovely ladies, dewy, velvety and clear skin,
Pure Active, Purifying face wash will make you look like Prin.


Get set to face the paparazzi on your wedding,
Garnier Pimple Potion will act better to work deeper to Pimple ending.

Fast acting treatment will add to your marriage fun,
More it will protect your skin to perform better in the long run.


Skin Fairy

I have never had acne problem but my sister has spent days cribbing over them, feeling low and ugly.  Before her wedding,  I have seen her cry, spend sleepless nights over pimples.  And yes, Garnier Neem Face Wash did come to her rescue and was helpful. 

This is my post for blogging contest by Garnier Pure Active Neem.

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Manjulika Pramod

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