Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

I have complete faith in the above quote but I have addition to make. One is just a number, it actually means each one has to come forward for the change. I want to be part of the revolution of #TheWorldRemade but before that I have my long list to share. 

  • It starts in the house- boys and girls, men and women are not treated equal.  Everyday I question it but no one knows why. Where did it start? None has an answer. I wish of a world of role reversals.
  • Who is a woman? Someone who is weak, born to be a home-maker, get married, bear children, meant to entertain, judged every now and then, not taken seriously at work,  to be kept in the cage and anytime be ogled, raped and killed. I seek a new meaning for ‘Woman’.
  • Enough is enough! Wish there would come a day when the poor would have enough courage to stand for their rights. None should feel a victim of injustice, harassment, suppression.  
  • Wish the below list of words could be eradicated from the society forever- Law and order chaos, political coups, Social and economic injustice, civil disorders, brutal killings, hijack, bomb blasts, nuclear warfare.
  • Believe in our own strength and idea is what we need. Small ideas can contribute to the big change. We ordinary people can bring a wonderful change if we all work together. Let us all put our foot forward to make the world a happy place.
  • Let us all not cling to dogmas, superstitions, blinding faiths of religion.  The world and its happenings are progressive in nature. Lets adopt the change with open arms and more than that lets be the change we want to see. 
  • So there is everyone who is working for something or the other. Many are working for the betterment of climate, poverty eradication, deforestation, peace prevail, water and hunger, conservation, ecological degradation, human rights, and more. But for the world to be remade, we have to say we are working to bring the change in ourselves. 

  • One day I wanna wake up in a world where I would not just think about myself but also be concerned about the sufferings of others.  Its need of the hour to realize that we are all equal, we must respect ourselves and each other and most important realization should be that we are all human beings.
  • A world of my dream would be where I would feel powerful in my own way. Everyday, I would love to wake up healed in my heart where there would be no grudge and no pain of loss, no desire to walk over the other and no claim to others belonging.
  • Before peace treaties among countries, we need peace-making within our own families. Lets create  a world where no one imposes their ideas and views on others. I wish for a day where none poked nose in the matters of others. Lets pray and practice and not preach. Lets be truthful to ourselves and at the same time considerate to others. Humanity is above all.


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Manjulika Pramod

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