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I make a great foodie and one thing that really impresses me about good food is that its taste and aroma does not die soon. Conventional cooking is not my cup of tea; rather I prefer making something interesting of the leftovers in the fridge. Those who have been reading me for some time know that not only do I relish my food unconditionally; I love to talk about it too. Every week, I ensure to discover a new eatery around my city and when I travel, I never miss on the local cuisines. Even if I am not able to taste everything on my platter, I enjoy talking around food and clicking pictures. Food brings out the best in me. I am all happy today because I  are not just going to talk about food but foodtainment in this post.


A new channel on Food

Do you live for food? So you love to experiment with different cuisines as well? Are you the one who loves to travel and pick flavors from around the world?  If you answered any of the above or all in a ‘yes’, it is a big day for you. Join my gang because I am all excited for the launch of a new avatar of food- ‘Living Foodz’ ,an international channel that will talk about food, travel, wellness, reality and lifestyle. I am sure you must have checked on the promos. Rocky & Mayur are here once again to enthrall us and take us on flavorful and crunchy journeys. Every food will speak for itself and tell its own unique story. There is going to be exciting and incredible food talks and I just can’t wait to be taken on food expedition by eminent celebrity chefs and food personalities like  Ranveer Brar, Gautam Mehrishi, Kunal Kapur, Rakhee Vaswani and more.


Every place has a food story!

Great conversations are made over food and it is an irreplaceable part of our lifestyle. Food can conjure many emotions in human beings and it has the power to nourish and heal both. Every food instantly connects us to the place that we ate it for the first time. A North Indian dosa has never tasted like the one that I ate in Chennai first or the butter chicken served in Old Delhi is never the same that I have eaten in other places. Lucknawi  Biryani has always stood for its taste and flavors from Lucknow and the thought of Thai curry instantly sends me Thailand. Food connects us to people, culture and countries.  The world loves to rejoice and celebrate over food.


Living Foodz’

There are countless ingredients around the world and honestly, there is very little that we know about them. ZEE Network India is coming up with this channel to help us understand our food. In fact, I believe that a dish in the bowl is not just what meets the eye; rather a lot goes behind the scene. We have never bothered to know the stories. This is the time to learn and entertain ourselves with ‘Living Foodz’.Thus, let us enjoy the sensory and communal experience about food, around food.


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