Its absolutely precious because our body is 70% Water.  Its hard to think of a day without using or drinking water.  Water is life! It is a natural resource and thus we take it for granted. There was a time when we could consume the tap water directly but now it isn’t safe.  Worse is not all can afford purified or filtered water. Adding to our woes there is a looming shortage predicted of this precious liquid. In future it may become an expensive commodity.

Lets discuss and focus our attention on clean water on World Water Day (22nd March) as over 700  million people lack access to safe water.  Also, every fifteen minute a child dies due to water borne disease, mind it from a preventable one. So much waste  from our end goes untreated in the water bodies. Thus we reap what we sow.  Therefore, its important that we realize it soon that we owe much to this natural resource and have a responsibility to use it wisely, drink it wisely and help others to get access to pure drinkable water. Also lets learn about a better form of water for drinking.  Its alkaline in nature!!!


A better Water, Lets explore!

Drinking water is a necessity for a healthy life. Water not only cures dehydration of the body but it controls many cells and tissues and thus even metabolism is connected with it.  I remember falling ill to jaundice and it happened because I drank unclean tap water.  In the cities we are crippled by pollution in all forms, thus it becomes absolutely important to purify our drinking water. Boiling water kills the germs but yet its not the right kind of water that our body needs. Even Reverse Osmosis is not the solution because it is purest form of water, deprived of many useful elements that body needs. In fact purified water in its mineral free form is very aggressive. The ideal water should be alkaline and should be rich in calcium and magnesium.

Alkaline over Acidic needs of our body

This is what I have learnt about alkaline water and it has really come as an eye opener to me.

  • No disease can thrive in alkaline water.
  • It eradicates the body of acid waste
  • Japanese have been researching for over forty years on alkaline water and have found that drinking restructured alkaline water can relieve  the three main causes for sickness, disease and premature ageing.
  • It acts as an effective anti-oxidant
  • Bacteria cannot survive in alkaline calcium ion water
  • A solution is Neutral if it measures 7 pH, our body is slightly alkaline 7.5 pH as taken from saliva and urine.
  • Alkaline water gives lot of energy
  • Hydrates body three times more effectively

In Indian homes, we consume a lot of acidic food, also we are prone to these problems like fatigues, body pain, osteoporosis I am sure this water can be really effective as it is backed by science and findings from doctors all over the world.

Acidic Water and its disadvantages

 Why HydroJal !!!

As I read about it more,  I learnt really interesting things about it. The ionizer looks absolutely promising!!!

  • It has a higher PH thus it neutralizes the higher acidic waste of our body
  • It has abundance of negatively charged hydroxyl ions
  • It neutralizes cancer causing positively charged free radicals
  • It is mineral and antioxidant rich
  • It enhances nutrient absorption
  • It reduces chronic pain and fatigue
  • It has Anti-ageing properties
  • It helps weight loss
  • It is eco-friendly

While it gives us Alkaline water to drink, it produces ionized acidic water as a by-product of electrolysis. This can be used for cleaning, beauty, wash and sterilizing purposes in our house.

I have really benefited from learning about this product and I am curious. I have already booked a free demo of Hydro-Jal PLUS at my home, you may book for yours here 

Pictures Courtesy- Hydrojal Plus Website

Also let me know what are your views on this!

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