Launch of a new place is very special – to the owner as well as to the people who get to experience the ambiance on the very first day. I happened to go to the launch party of “Yes Minister” – Bowling, Bar & Kitchen, located as Essex Farms, 4, Aurobindo Marg, Delhi and it turned out to be a nice experience. My friends loved the pictures so much that three days later they were back again to enjoy pool and bowling at this new sports bar in Delhi.

The first look of the place (outdoor decked up in Red lights) gave me positive vibes and I was all excited to explore the place and enjoy the hospitality. I was with a friend and we were looking forward to a good time. We were welcomed at the entrance with a post card and an orange band on the wrist.



Ready, Steady, Go, Yes Minister, Essex Farms

Ready Steady Go!


Refresh Cream-Pomegranate Drink

Refresh Cream-Pomegranate Drink



Chicken Satay, Yes MInister, New Delhi

Chicken Satay

The first game which catches one’s attention is the ‘Mechanical Bull’, placed just opposite to the entrance on the left hand side. The bull had a lot of cushioning on all sides ensuring no one gets hurt while ridding/slipping from the bull. There is also a pool table on the right hand side. Post that, our eyes were glued to the bar which was shining in the middle of the hall with bar-tenders serving guests in beautiful and tall drinks. We walked towards the pool table first and then decided to go for the bowling.

Two steps down from the pool table, we entered an area that had lots of games and a spacious Bowling Arena. Shining in blue, the arena looked huge with 6 lanes, optimally lighted and giving a very pleasant view. By the time we reached there, people had already gathered and were busy with their games. It was only 8:30 PM and all the 6 lanes were occupied by the guests.


Pool Table, Ball, Yes Minister
My friend at the pools- table


Air Hockey, Yes Minister, Essex farms
Air Hockey!



Opposite to the lanes there were 2 tables of ‘Air Hockey’. This is something which I really enjoy playing and I was game for it. My friend and I took a table and the attender inserted the coin for us to start the game. We played 2 games back to back and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of playing on a new table.

Now, it was time to hit the bar and order drinks for ourselves. We sat on one of the tables near the pool table and ordered some starters as well. The food menu was a fusion-mix and it boasted of food items from around the globe. Before the food arrived, we played a game at the pool table. Here, I must say it again, it’s always fun to play on a new tables with clean and perfect leveling of velvet across the table. By this time we were already enjoying our drinks. Refresh cream made from pomegranate looked beautiful and it tasted good too. Just that I found it a little high on the sweeter side.


Cocktail, Yes Minister
Jimy Light


The tempting Kiwi Drink , New Delhi

The tempting Kiwi Drink



Fish and chips, Sauce, Yes Minister
Fish and chips


The food made its way to our table and we could wait no more to begin with the food tasting. The starters were hot, crisp and served with a specific sauce. Crispy vegetables and Jalepeno fried mozzarella were crispy and Chicken Satay was tasty. I would rate it all 8 out of 10 as I believe this is the kind of snack you want to eat with drinks, during a fun filled evening. We ordered  some drinks and a vegetarian pizza- ‘Indiana‘ as well. Drinks served were too cool and on the other hand, pizza served was too hot. Kiwi cooler with pineapple and lemon juice was thrilling. My friend  had ordered vodka with green apple and cranberry. After gulping it all we went for a game of bowling. We played two games consecutively and it was so much fun watching the fluorescent pins flashing in the dim light.



Cripsy Vegetables

Cripsy Vegetables




Jalepeno, Jalepeno fried Mozarella
Jalepeno fried Mozarella



Additionally, there was a “Foos-ball Table”, 2 slots of “Basket Ball”, 1 “Hammer Shot” game, “Boxing” game and 2 basic games in which one could win prizes. All this was quite exciting and I believe all those present there were enjoying their Friday evening to the fullest.

We ordered two more dishes for dinner – Organic vegetable in green curry and Fish-chips.  Both of them were good to taste except that I found the portions of the rice in the curry were less. We ate all of that and then went for another bowling game before we called off our Friday outing.


Organic vegetable in curry

Organic vegetable in green curry

It was indeed a fun time spent at Yes Minister and would suggest my friends to surely visit the place in case you are looking for a drinks, good food and lots of games & fun. Delhi needed something like this for sure. A little pricey it is but then it promises fun too.  One can reach there using metro station at Hauz Khas. The location is bang on!

Happy Blogging!!

P.S. The event was attended by my husband Manik Sehgal and all of the above is his personal view!

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