My childhood memories often reminds me that Dad’s favourite keyboard-operated device was type-writer. He would spread hours tip-tapping it. Even though technology was leaping forward by mammoth steps, he was not very comfortable in adopting the change. No doubt, our elder generation is keen to learn but at one point of time I often hear both of my parents  say, ‘Its all so complicated’. On the contrary, we feel that new gizmos and technology leaps have made our life easier.

When I was learning computers in my 9th standard, it was my Dad who got keen on buying a Desktop for me. Together we both learnt the basics on the new PC  but soon I was doing all sort of programming while Daddy was only interested in working on Excels and Powerpoint. In a few years I moved on to laptop, then a mobile phone but Daddy felt he did not need any of them. He was happy with the PC and landline phone. Gradually, I coaxed him to take a mobile phone so that he could talk to the near and dear ones on-the-go. He complied but wasn’t interested in using the phone for anything except for calls, not even for messages.

Soon I got my smartphone but not my Dad. However, last year when I told him about several apps and ecommerce sites, he did show slight interest in smartphone. He was amazed to see that how sharing pictures had become so easy. One could see the person while voice chatting. I also showed him the lovely pictures that I often capture through my phone.  I insisted that a few apps were really very helpful. I was happy that he was hearing me with all ears. When I had convinced him enough, I thought of buying one for him soon. One day, I took him to a mobile shop, he literally got confused when the shopkeeper offered him several phones choices. He refused to buy one and said that first he would want to use a smartphone and then decide what are his needs.  If he thought he could get away, for me this was not a problem… 🙂

Asus Zenphone 5 came for review


At the same time, I received Asus Zenphone 5 for use and review (perks of being a blogger). I gave it to Dad as he had desired.  He was pretty delighted at the sight of it.  After playing with its buttons here and there, first thing that he was curious about was how to operate front and back camera. He asked me about the selfie feature as well. I had attended the Asus Zenphone launch last year and that time I had talked him about pixelmaster and its HDR and low light captures. He remembered it all and like a child he rushed to take pictures of the kitchen garden to test it for himself.  I was thrilled to see his excitement.

See some of his first pretty captures from Mum’s kitchen garden.

(All pictures have been taken by Zenphone 5 and have been published here without any effects)

The pictures tell us that Asus Zenphone 5 which has a 8 megapixel camera is really good.  Even amateurs can take nice colourful pictures with the help of it. My first impression was that the camera indeed captures objects in their true colors .  When I transferred the pictures on the laptop and showed him his work, he was very happy and assured me that he would click more pictures and send me often through watsapp.

Yes, I did tell him that I would share pictures and his feedback about the phone on my blog too.   I added,  Zenphone 5 has been awarded the “Budget Smart Phone of The Year – 2014” at Exhibit Tech Awards 2014.  Have fun with it Daddy. 

He smiled back as a proud father.

Happy Blogging!!

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