The holiday season is here, so let us join a travel party and a contest this New Year with RailYatri, an end-to-end Train travel app!

A holiday is always a good idea and what makes it even more exciting is when you utilize them to go on trips with your family and friends. It becomes all the more fulfilling when you make your travel time useful and fun by playing games and singing together “KhelteKheltekatjayenraaste”.

And last but not the least you click some exciting pictures while playing games, post them and win a contest too.

Well, I can definitely sense some excitement in the air!!!

But before I tell you how to win a train ticket, food vouchers and bus ticket for yourself, let us talk about some fond memories associated with trains.


Contest with RailYatri


I am always excited about them. The mention of trains, reservations and railway station curates fond memories from the past. Probably the umpteen number of rail journeys that I have done as a kid has made me an affable traveler today.


For sixteen years until I joined college, every summer and winter vacations meant a train journey to my grandparents place in Gorakhpur. The onward journey always saw the excited kid in me who couldn’t wait to meet the whole family and bunch of cousins. Even the co-passengers did not take long to guess that I was going to my Nani and Dadi’s house.


All train journeys have exciting phases to it. For me as a kid, the thrill would hit me right there when my parents finalized the dates of travel and booked the tickets in advance.The food that was carried for the journey had its special relevance as an extra amount was always packed for the co-passengers whom we didn’t know but always cared to share with. And with a throng of people moving to their destinations, there was always an excitement to meet, see and talk to people from different parts of the country.The conversations that happen are enriching in their own way and some meetings become cherished memories.






Now this was all about my connection with trains and being taken over by nostalgia. I bet the developers of RailYatri, the must-have app for all train travels in India too had a strong connect with train journeys and Indian Railways. That is why they decided to come up with a perfect companion for all our train journeys and take away all the woes associated with it. The unpredictability, delays and the cancellations of trains have existed there for ages but now we know how to tackle it and not let it affect our traveling enthusiasm.

 Initially, I downloaded the app out of curiosity but when I explored it features, I was happy to have an app on my phone which has tamed the Indian Railways related travels very uniquely and impressively. RailYatri absolutely simplifies a train journey.

The salient features help users to book a train ticket, show them the PNR status as well as the seat availability but apart from that the app also extends help for ordering food while traveling, booking pick up and drop services, checking weather at the destination and shopping for travel products.  While there is an easy access to all its utilities like Live Train Status and Trains between stations and Seat availability with confirmation chances, I was quite impressed with its fancy features like GPS tracking, built in calculator, speedometer etc.

In the main menu, I checked for trains from Delhi to several destinations on my mind.  It showed me trains on that route in an ascending order of their arrival.  I must appreciate the app for its data and tools that help train passengers make an informed decision. One can get an insight of where are people traveling to, the busiest train routes, mobile network coverage on routes, and train delays thus making life of travelers very easy.

Kudos to the team behind it and more power to them!



The app is a winner in itself because it glorifies the complete idea of traveling and in my view traveling helps one to see life differently.

So here is a contest which wants you to travel and have fun. To win this contest you really don’t have to travel by train. It could be a road trip too.

The aim is to make you travel with your friends, families and enjoy these holidays.

Traveling is a great way of bonding together. To celebrate this idea, let us tune in to some music and pick some cues from the video.



Watch the contest teaser here



So what is #KhelteKhelte Contest?

With the holiday buzz and enthusiasm around, RailYatri thought of bringing something exciting for people who love to travel during the holidays. And they kept it very simple too.You just have to hit the road with your family/friends and make your journey memorable by playing exciting games. While playing ANY GAME with your friends and family, you may click pictures and send the group photo or selfie as directed below.

How to participate in the contest?

Step 1.Like the Facebook page of RAILYATRI.

Step 2. Take a group photo or selfie while playing ANY game with your buddies or family.

Step 3. Post the photo in the comment box with #kheltekhelte

The contest ends 29th Dec. Photo with max ‘LIKES’ wins the contest.

Share it with your family and friends and let them also know!

Happy Traveling…



  1. Looks like an interesting app for people who travel by train…
    I will surely participate in the contest….

  2. I have many train stories from childhood. This made me nostalgic. The contest looks exciting.

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