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This post is in collaboration with ‘SENS’ –  A Wave Group’s Initiative.


For the first time, Wave group is making an entry into wellness and healthcare segment with the launch of SENS clinic.  SENS anti-ageing and wellness clinic aims to bring holistic wellness solutions for MIND, BODY and SOUL. At the mention of body and wellness, I was game to know more about it.  Courtesy media invitation,  I attended the launch  at ‘The Imperial in Delhi’.


I am sure you must have noticed that this year I have been blogging and emphasizing on health and wellness more than ever. From my personal experience of falling ill more than often last year, I have realized that it is very important to feel fit, healthy and beautiful to enjoy what you love doing. With regular bouts of illness, ankle fracture, etc, I had to give up on my trips and lie back at home. On many other occasions, I have felt fatigued and tired. With growing age, the signs of ageing have come to be. Medicines have become best friends and the stubborn fat has become too stubborn. Above all, the word ‘dieting’ is not part of my dictionary. Therefore, I have been trying to educate myself to learn alternative ways to feel healthy. Hence, I was more curious around SENS launch.


SENS, Waves group. launch
SENS launch


Here are 11 things that I learnt about SENS which encapsulates their mission and vision both.


1. At SENS Clinic, Best Indian and international practices, medicinal practitioners and advanced technologies are being put together to heal the aging human cells. I was impressed with the vision which says that SENS clinics will transform health through knowledge and wisdom. It plans to achieve this by reversing the global epidemic of the 21st Century: Cardio Metabolic Disease.


 2. According to Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Executive Director, SENS Clinic- It is toxic thoughts which lead to toxics in our body and WEALTH should have a new spelling- WELLTH. He said that SENS will help us to cleanse our body and make it free from diseases without medicine and hospitalization.


3. SENS will be offering state-of-the-art age management services using methodology of Diet Nutraceuticals and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. If this is true, we will look younger for real.


Lifestyle, health, Wellness,SENS
Lifestyle and Wellness with SENS


4. Like you I have a question too. Why does SENS claim to be different from any other? To this I learnt that SENS is build by like-minded doctors and professionals who recognize and identify the flaws in the current healthcare model.And best of all they say that they have just begun to understand the true metamorphosis behind aging.

5. Let us understand their methods because I was really intrigued to the core. Their unconventional approach of Predictive Prevention will be personalized for each individual. And three things that they are proud to offer are Holistic maintenance of the Mind, Somatic treatment of the Body, Awakening of the Soul. 


6.  Here are some of the advanced technologies and techniques which I never even heard of but thanks to SENS, I have been trying to look for their better meanings. SENS will be giving Genomic Sequencing, Bio Hormone Replacement Therapies, the reparative technique of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to  freezing cells at low temperatures to treat a variety of benign and malignant damages through Cyrotherapy. I knew, these terms will get you googling too.


7. SENS will address ageing and healthcare with an all round perspective. So they talked of INTEGRAL Approach, one that will heal both the inner and outer well being. There is so much know about the body and we live in our own vanity.


SENS Clinic at South extension in Delhi



8. A SENS member will have a life coach. And once they take the services they will experience increased energy, increased libido, reduced Body Fat, increased lean muscle, improved cholesterol scores, strengthened immune system, lifted moods, better stress management and sharper mental activity. I wonder I would want anything else. This is going to be a bliss state. The services come at a price but they look worthy every penny.


9. What is 21st century epidemic? Cardio-metabolic diseases it is! Our lifestyle has lead to obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. SENS promises to give comprehensive health screening. There are three steps to it – Measure, mentor and monitor. 


10. Under ‘My Greens’ SENS also gives us cold pressed juices. For sometime I have been trying to understand what cold Press process does. Here I will tell you. The process ensures that none of the goodness or nutrients of fruits and vegetables gets lost. It also ensures that composition of nutrients remain of highest and purest quality.



Guilt free snacking with SENS
Guilt free snacking with SENS


11. There are Guilt free snacks from SENS too.  I have been binging on the sunflower and watermelon seeds and they are simply amazing. Go and look for them. I can only show you some picture.


Be fit and healthy and don’t forget to read my travel posts…

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