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Hubby and I are big time food lovers and thus we are back with yet another foodie experience. Three weeks ago, I had an invite from World Art Dining, Punjabi Bagh. I immediately looked into its details and was really impressed to learn about its elaborate menu comprising of fine dining, exotic global cuisines, luxury banqueting & exemplary blend of beverages. I was attracted to its three supreme concepts that celebrate culinary art – Cook House, Brew House and Celebrations. This place boasts of 20,000 Sq.ft.  in area. One of its floor is used to host parties and the other two floors make for food and music connoisseurs. As I read further, I learnt that Cook House is about family dining area with global cuisines for platter, Brew House brings in the best of music and exotic blends & beverages. I agreed on the nearest weekend dates to go for this gastronomical journey. 


World Art Dining, Food, Punjabi Bagh, Review, Delhi eating places
World Art Dining at Punjabi Bagh



World Art Dining, Punjabi Bagh, Restaurants in Delhi, Global
Table no. 15 was promised to us!



World Art Dining
World Art Dining


Not everyday we do these really long-distance eating trips but sometimes its fun to go for unique and innovative dining experiences. From Faridabad to Punjabi Bagh, it is meant to be a long drive. Thankfully it was a Saturday and we had started early to escape the jams.  I also had the incentive of meeting my parents mid-away at Nanakpura. I met them on the way and then we drove down to spend the evening delighting our taste buds and more. We were warmly greeted by the staff and directed to our table number 15 in the Cook House. The first thing that caught my attention here was the big interactive kitchen (made of glass) right in the center. There were other live counters around it too. The ambiance was extremely cheerful and happy. No less, the whole dining area was big and spaced out judiciously, giving enough room to everyone inside.  


Soon, the manager came to our table and placed the menu. Trust me, it was big and heavy book. It was so elaborate that we really couldn’t decide what to eat. I told this to the manager and he said that they were working on slimming it down. But I was seriously impressed with the variety on the platter. While I was still thinking what to order first, my husband said, let the manager suggest us the best of best. I thought it was a great idea and we let him decide for us. 


Finger fish and Chicken tikka, World Art Dining, Punjabi Bagh
Finger fish and Chicken tikka



Paneer tikka, World Art Dining, New Delhi, Foodie
Paneer Tikka



Murg Burra
Murg Burra


For my vegetarian husband, kebabs and paneer tikka soon made their way on our table. While I was really tempted to take a bite from the juicy Paneer tikka, I was served some fish fingers and Chiken Tikka. We both relished it. In fact I went for a second helping of the soft in the inside and crispy on the outside fish fingers and hubby wanted some more of Paneer. We really dint want to do more of these Indian starters and went ahead for global cuisine. For me, it was Chicken Pizza with the most amazing crust that I had ever eaten. For hubby, soon came the veg Dimsums and Sushi. Dimsums were not great but Sushi was one of the best that I have eaten in long long time. Apart from our order,  there was lot of good food being made all around our table as we were sitting close to one of the side kitchens. One such order was this sizzler.  I did not taste it but it looked so tantalizing that I could not resist clicking it. 


Chicken Pizza
Chicken Pizza



Dumplings-World Art Dining
Veg Dumplings



The Sizzling Sizzler
The Sizzling Sizzler



Veg Sushi
Veg Sushi-One of the best that I had eaten in long long time.


Well, Pasta is one favorite dish of mine. I can have it at anytime and I never miss a chance to taste it. When teamed with Garlic Bread, it can be all the more delicious.  I tasted two big spoonfuls of it along with the yummy crunchy bread. After tasting all these flavors from around the world, we decided to go ahead with the buffet. Hubby ordered some soup for himself and I could see that he was quite pleased with it. I walked to the corner where everyone was filling their plates. 



Pasta at world art dining, garlic bread, food, dinner, olives
Pasta with Garlic Bread



Veg Soup


There were some tempting dishes waiting to tantalize our taste buds but I was so full that I could not taste each and every thing. I love lamb curry and thus I filled my plate with some mutton and peas pulao. Hubby did justice to the buffet. He ate breads, salad, vegetables and dal. He was impressed with the Dal Makhani and went for a second round immediately. Overall, every item was well cooked and prepared tastefully. 


Buffet option along with Ala Carte
Kasoori Paneer and Khumb Lababdar



Dal was superb
The Dal was superb



Mutton Curry and Peas pulao
Mutton Curry and Peas pulao


The mutton was tender and soft cooked in rich curry. It was actually done as per my taste. And peas pulao is a favorite for everyone. Together they tasted yum. We were so full that we did not go for another round. Now Dessert section is not my forte. If given a chance, I generally choose to ignore it. I know you must be thinking I am mad but seriously I do not have a sweet tooth. On the contrary, hubby loves to taste each and every item on the sweets platter. He went ahead and filled his plate with one of each. On his insistence, I took a bite of the beetroot halwa because this was something I had seen for the first time. Trust me, I ate at least four spoonfuls. The halwa was amazing. Whenever you are there, do not forget to ask for this halwa. Its not at all greasy and tastes super yum. 


Beetroot Halwa
Beetroot Halwa



The dessert plate- Don't miss the beetroot halwa
The dessert plate!



Is all chocolaty
Chocolate and chocolate!


This was one experience to remember.  I would recommend Cook House to everyone who loves to go for elaborate luncheon and dinners with their family and friends. This is a sophisticated place with no fuss at all. The whole atmosphere inspires you to eat and enjoy  food from all over the world.  Do visit the place and let me know how was your experience. 


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