One just needs to watch one spectacular match to realize how exciting tennis can be. For me, that ‘once and forever’ love happened at the age of seven. Since then I have loved keeping a tab on the adventurous rivalries – Chrissie and Martina, Steffi and Martina, then Steffi and Monica, and not to forget the William Sisters. And with the boys, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Nadal, Federer, I have had a relationship of love and hate. It was a match to watch when Sampras took over his arch rival Agassi in straight sets in the year 1999 at Wimbledon. Trust me, I have always nursed this dream to catch the action live around the grass in London. If you talk of the tennis calender, its incomplete without the elegance of Wimbledon.



If you follow me on social media, I bet you would know that these days I have been talking about the Allen Solly – Wimbledon Blog it, Ace it’ campaign.  A true tennis fan and a traveler in me just couldn’t let this opportunity go. In the first round, I made a time lapse video where I enthusiastically packed my bag for London. And now, I have been super charged all this week to give up my best for the second phase of the campaign. I believe in the mantras of the book ‘Secret’- If you desire something, you have to tell the universe that you want it and the universe definitely conspires to make it happen. For now, I am sending out a message that I want to fly to London with Allen Solly! Wimbledon is just round the corner and I can’t wait to be at the Centre court.  Not to forget I want the access to the exclusive Allen Solly Wimbledon Marquee hospitality. So lets #Playitfair!!!


The rules of this fun play were that I had to emulate the caption “Play It Fair” under the following topics.

1. Food
2. Fashion
3. Tennis / Wimbledon
4. Friday Dressing
5. Travel
 Here are my creatives…..
 FOOD: Health and Fitness!!!


Tennis is about strength, fitness and good health. I have used healthy veggies to make this interesting food art.  Purple lettuce and green spinach on my platter reflect my love for the Wimbledon colors.





Like London summers promise Wimbledon, Indian summers promise Mangoes





FASHION: An hardcore fan in me has taken up the Wimbledon colors.


Purple and Green have been on my mind!!!




I also believe that fashion means one must dress according to the occasion.





TENNIS/WIMBLEDON –  Any tennis fan would associate the game with their idol, I would love to do it with Serena Jameka Williams. I wanna see my favorite one at Wimbledon. I felt elated standing next to her statue at Madame Tussauds, Singapore. 



Serena Williams, Wimbledon, London, Playitfair
#Playitfair for me– You are my favorite Serena!



Friday Dressing – Casual, Easy and Simple because Friday means Fitness classes for me. Isn’t Tennis about being fit and sporty?

I posted this on Friday!!!!

Just before Friday comes to an end, I must talk about my morning Friday Dressing…I love it casual, easy and very simple. (Black tee + Purple Yoga pants)
At 10 a.m, I was headed for the gym. Decided to ditch the car and walk in the sun with my cool new green umbrella, one that has come from a long way from Allen Solly collection.

Yes!!! I am preparing for the big game. Need to be fit. The ‪#‎Wimbledon‬colors (Green +Purple) have already taken over me!



Fashionable Friday



Travel: For me travel means to see some of my dreams convert into reality. For the tennis players, winning the Wimbledon championship is also about achieving their ‘Big dreams’. 



Travel has played a great importance in my life. I have become very passionate about it just like any sport. It helps me to discover me, myself and more. It is almost like loving my soul.  I travel to see the unknown, to conquer my fears, to fall in love with humanity, to live some unique experiences, to pamper my soul.

For now… London is on my mind. I can’t wait to be at the #‎SollySportCentreCourt‬ with Allen Solly. I really want this wish  to come true soooon.

I love expressing my desires through imagination and art. And this is how a travel blogger would be excited to see ‘London’ and be there for ‘Wimbledon’. Maybe, I will put the colors in this black and white sketch once I bring back amazing photographs after the trip. Wish me luck and keep following to know the results.



Blog it Ace it-Allen Solly-Playitfair
Blog it Ace it-Allen Solly-#Playitfair



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