Well the movie TASHAN created a lot of buzz around Kareena Kapoor’s size zero figure, but on the contrary this new restaurant will urge you to cheat on your diet plans and indulge in flavors. Trust me, you will relish every bit of it just like we did. A day before coming to Dubai, I had an invite to review this newly opened restaurant in G.K. II, South Delhi and I will tell you all about my foodie experience. Those who have an appetite for good food and are connoisseur of flavors must continue to read this.


Tashan-Contemporary Indian Cuisine
Tashan-Contemporary Indian Cuisine at G.K. 2, New Delhi


Feel good Factor!


I was not alone but with three of my lovely blogger friends. We were greeted in warmly by the owner Mr. Akshay Adya. His team was equally cheerful and upbeat about the evening. Of course it made a great combination. They loved cooking and we loved eating and we all had a common passion that was food. But before I talk about the flavors, I must appreciate the comfortable ambiance of this place. We found it absolutely warm and cozy with yellow lights and sober interiors. The wall paintings were a nice collection that inspired one to travel and see the world. I am a person who looks forward to great conversations over food. Thus, places that prefer to keep the music soft or abstain from it make my favorite. Tashan won some brownie points just there. I have been saying it for long that Delhi needs many more quaint and clutter-free eating places.



Baked Roti, Places to eat in Greater kailash
Crisp and Baked Romaali Roti


Carrot, Cinammon soup, carrot and cinnamon soup
Carrot and Cinnamon soup in a small glass



After having some interesting conversations with Akshay over food, his passion and his cooking experiments in Australia, we took our seats. It was a cozy corner for four of us. Soon, I was at my job, scanning some interesting names on the food-menu. The dishes Jack in a pot and Baigan ki Chaat (vegetarian starters) got my eye almost immediately. I was excited about jack-fruit but definitely not about eggplant but this looked like an exception. While I was still running through the dishes and their descriptions, baked roomali roti and carrot and cinnamon soup shots arrived on our table. My friends confused it with papad just like I had done when I had eaten it for the first time but this time I knew. I love cinnamon for its flavor and aroma. The carrot and cinnamon combination was just the right thing for a winter dinner. It was an absolute winner in taste and fusion. All four of us loved it.


Tashan in Greater Kailash, New Delhi
Tashan- Fusion of Flavors


Quinoa Salad, Tashan, New Delhi
Quinoa Salad at tashan


Kiwi Tashan, Kiwi Drink, Kiwi
Kiwi Tashan



Right at the outset, the baked roti along with soup shot  got us hungry and excited for more. Next, we ordered our drinks. I ordered for a Kiwi Tashan and an interesting salad. The Quinoa salad that was served was definitely crunchy and impressive. If you are yet to experiment with quinoa, I must tell you a little about it. It is one of the few plant based sources of complete protein. Its being talked about because it is a new healthy thing in the market, gluten-free substitute for pasta, rice or couscous. In fact after eating this salad which was interesting done with onion, tomatoes, capsicum and lemon, I was keen to  make it a part of my daily diet. The drink was a little high on sugar as per my taste but the taste of kiwi was refreshing.


Eggplant, Chaat, Eggplant snack
Baingan ki Chaat-Crisp baby eggplant and potato chips


Lasooni Fish Tikka, Fish Tikka, Tashan
Lasooni Fish Tikka
Rasam, pineapple, pepper, Thai, Tasty Rasam, Restaurant Review, Tashan
Rasam da Tashan-pineapple, pepper and Thai
Kathal dish, Restaurant, Delhi, Tashan
Jack in a Pocket-Pulled kathal in desi masalas with hummus and garlic dips


In the next ten minutes, we were transported to a gastronomic paradise. There were so much on the table and we didn’t know where and how to start. Of course, as bloggers we follow a rule and that is we do not eat until we have photographed our food. But it was all so tempting that I wanted to eat first and click later. The Baigan ki chaat looked scrumptious and Jack in a pot was entirely a new concept for me. Thin slices of eggplant were done up so well and the jackfruit made for an amazing filling the breads. Along with it came Rasam and the this one really got us curious. Three glasses had three different types of Rasam (pineapple, pepper and Thai). I really can’t point out one better than another but I must tell you they were distinct in flavor and tasted absolutely yum. We loved taking our rounds at it. Along with the veg starters, also came the Lasooni fish which definitely sent us longing for more. It was served with beetroot sauce which made the combination all the more delicious. Take my words, if you love soft and juicy fish, you must do it. In a long, long time, I had eaten really good fish starter. We could have easily ordered another plate but since we had to sample exciting main course too, we did not go for another round.


Stuffed tangri, Tangri chicken, Best chicken in Delhi, Tashan, Delhi restaurant
Stuffed tangri
Jal Jeera shot, Drinks in Delhi
Jal Jeera shot


I make a chicken fan and I was keen on Tangri chicken. Honestly, it sounded fun from its description which  said ‘Chicken leg stuffed with couscous, capers and goat cheese.’ I am always game for something new and exciting. This was a cool fusion. No, it wasn’t spicy at all, rightly cooked and done absolutely well with interesting stuffing. The chicken was tender and juicy. When it comes to non-vegetarian, it is very important to use the right kind of meat for cooking.



Crab Curry, Good crab curry in Delhi, Food blogger, Delhi
Crab Curry


Sous Vied Nalli Curry-Slow cooked lamb shanks in a Kashmiri curry, tashan
Sous Vied Nalli Curry-Slow cooked lamb shanks in a Kashmiri curry


Gatte di Punjabi Kadhi
Gatte di Punjabi Kadhi


Bread Basket
Bread Basket

Main Course


So we ordered different dishes as per our tastes. The vegetarian friend went for Gatte ki Sabzi. Two of my other friends were keen on Crab curry and I couldn’t resist a lamb dish. I am sure the pictures above have already given the cue. I did not taste Crab curry so I have no say on that. But as it comes my friend I would love to share it, ‘This is one of the best crab curry that I have eaten’. As far as gatte ki Kadhi is concerned, I tasted a small amount and relished it. But for me the winner was the Nalli lamb curry. From the presentation to the taste, it was appealing to the senses. The bread tasted super yum with the curry. The Kashmiri flavors were distinct and amazing.


Tashan, New Delhi, Dessert, Motichoor and Rabri crepes
Motichoor and Rabri crepes


Bhuni roti ka halwa, dessert, Tashan
Bhuni roti ka halwa


Sweet Tooth

And if you really take your desserts seriously, just don’t leave this place without doing the sweets. A person like me who can easily excuse from indulging in sweets fell in love with Motichoor and Rabri crepes. Honestly, this beautiful combination tasted  heavenly.  It had three sweet items but it was amazingly wrapped and combined. This deadly fusion actually made us look for the chef and we asked for me. Chef Jitin Kapur deserves all the applauds. The other sweet dish was bhuni roti ka halwa. Just as the name says, the cooked sweet roti is made into a halwa. No less, this was a superb innovation too. The offerings on the menu are few but each one promises amazing creativity.


Tashan in Delhi, Restaurant review, Ne
Tashan in Delhi


Tashan is a new place in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. I loved it because among very few places in that part where you can actually take your family, sit down, enjoy and talk over great Indian food without distractions. We definitely need more such eating places which confidently talk about Indian cuisine and can turn every dinning experience into a gastronomical feast. Now that we have so many eating places opening each day, its definitely important to innovate and create special treats. The owner and the chef at Tashan have a flair for it. I would love to go back here.


All pictures have been taken from Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. Since I am fond of smartphone photography, I have been given this phone from Microsoft to use it for my travels and food adventures.

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