Wolfgang, Delhi, Preview, Connaught Place

Thanks to the exclusive invite to their preview showcase, I had a chance to join the brotherhood of Wolfgang & Company on Sunday (2nd April). Here are the pictures of my first #Wolfgangdelhi experience. With a sophisticated and grey look, it is the newest place in Connaught Place and with this latest addition, I would yet again reiterate that Delhi’s gastronomical scene is definitely undergoing a change for the good. These days, the kicking names on the menu card or the interesting drinks are not enough to woo the young crowd.  The generation which gets bored easily, which is highly ambitious and demanding, which is impatient to the core, which is not easily satiated definitely needs a little more of everything. 


Wolfgang and Co., Delhi, New Restaurant in Delhi, Connaught Place
The Preview Showcase



I visited this place with Akanksha, my friend and a blogger too. We were already in C.P. for some personal work and once we were done with it, we decided to go for  the Wolfgang fun. It was the first hot day of the season and the sun was blazing.  We were sweating and when we entered this new, chic restaurant, the first thing that we needed were summer coolers. As we settled on a table at the end of the room, the first thing that landed up on the table was very refreshing.  Jamun, Kokum and Jalapeno shots- Whose had them before? Not me at leastWe gulped down two in a go. They were superb!


Kokum, Jalipenos, Jamun shots, Wolfgang and Company. Delhi
Kokum, Jalipenos, Jamun shots-Wolfgang and Company Delhi


We were hungry too. Thus we ordered some food. Mushroom Galauti was the first thing that arrived. Not only it looked tempting, it tasted yum too. It was very soft and juicy and it simply melted in the mouth. In fact it was difficult to believe that it was made of mushrooms. Vegetarians should try this one for sure and even the non-vegetarians will give a miss to other kebabs for this one.


Mushroom Galauti, Food, Wolfgang, Restaurant, Review
Mushroom Galauti


Next thing we ordered was Shawarma Veg. It had a nice filling and it was appetizing. I wouldn’t say it was one of the best that I have had but it was decent. The three dips made it interesting. 


Shawarma Veg, Wolfgang and Company, Delhi, preview
Shawarma Veg


While we ordered some more food, ( chicken and some pizza) two other bloggers who were also having sharing the table with us ordered this interesting Dessert and I couldn’t resist clicking.  I am not sure on the name but I think it was a Chocolate coconut gateau.  They said, it tasted good.


Dessert, Wolfgang



Since, it was a preview and there were a gang of bloggers at work (ordering food and taking pictures), we really had to wait for our next order. In the meanwhile we had some more of ‘Fizzy Kokum, Spicy Jamun, Filled Jalapeno, Monsoon shots. I bet you will love these mocktails. At the same time, we explored the interiors and decor too. I loved it for its combination of subtle and dark decors. Here are few of the things that I spotted and I liked and I clicked them each.



Wolfgang and Company
Hold on to the Globe or does it inspire to travel the world?


Wolfgang preview
No, we were not supposed to be quiet here! There was live music that kept us entertained.


This was a nice capture. It was kept on one of the shelves behind my table


Some more food was back on our table and we were excited yet again.  The chicken wings were absolutely as per my taste. I enjoyed them to the core. The palating was a little dull but overall the taste was great. The portion was okay too. The cottage and cheese steak looked delicious on the plate but it tasted sweet because of the BBQ sauce. Thus, I did not relish it much. I would have loved it if the sauce had been served separately and I had the choice to pour it as per my taste.  And the only thing that did not go down well with me was the Pizza. It not only lacked toppings but also lacked on the taste and the crunchiness. Overall, I would say avoid the pizza but do go for the rest. 


Chicken Wings
So the ‘Chicken wings’ are known as ‘Wild Wings’ in here!– Simple Palating but good in Taste.



Cottage Cheese Steak with BBQ Sauce
This looks tempting! Doesn’t it – Cottage Cheese Steak with BBQ Sauce


Pizza -Wolfgang
Emilia Pizza– Not impressive!


If you are looking for a new place to hang out and have fun, Wolfgang & Company  is definitely worth a try. Its open for Public Preview at K12, Outer Circle, Connaught Place. 

Happy Eating!!!

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