When I am not thinking about traveling, I am usually thinking about food. Therefore they make two prime sections of my blog. So if Facebook asks me what is on my mind right now. The answer would be Pasta, Noodles, Momos and Gujjiyas. I am writing for KENT NOODLE AND PASTA MAKER which helps in making all of this in the kitchen. 


I do not usually talk about my cooking experimentations because I am still an amateur in this field. Rather, I feel obliged to some of the kitchen appliances without which I wouldn’t have survived. Sometimes, I do cook and I will not shy away from boasting that I can dish out some great Chinese and Italian cuisines. I relish them so much that I never forget to buy local noodles and unique shaped pasta from different countries that I visit during my travels. And my whole family can vouch for that that I make some very healthy combinations of pasta and noodles. I am extremely fond of pasta salads and I can survive on noodles for many days together. My only condition is that they must be cooked with lots of veggies.


Home made Pasta


Due to the paucity of time, many people do not get the desired time to show off their culinary skills. Besides cooking a fairly basic everyday meal, how often do we try our hands at making an exotic meal? Not very often I guess. We rather go out and eat at a fancy restaurant. However, with smart appliances like the KENT noodle and pasta maker we can add variety to your dining table, that too with minimal effort. Designed to cut down time, with the assistance of this appliance, we can prepare a range of lip smacking snacks at home with a fair amount of ease.


Impress Family & Guests with Different Types of Snacks


Preparing a serving of stir-fried noodles or piping hot bowl of pasta using fresh dough will enhance the taste of your dish by manifolds. The dry pasta or noodles that we buy from our local grocery may be lying on the counter shelf for days or even months. So, the dish prepared with fresh ingredients will be superior in taste. You can customize ingredients in your pasta and noodle. For instance, you can switch Maida or all-purpose flour with multi-grain flour or gluten-free flour. If you are vegetarian, you can skip eggs. In short, there are endless ways to make your pasta and noodles healthy and delicious with the all new pasta maker from KENT.


Other signature dishes that you can prepare with the assistance of this appliance are momos and gujjiya. The savory taste of momos and the sweet and smooth texture of homemade (Holi favorite) gujjiyas will win the heart of your family and guests.


Noodle and Pasta maker, KENT


Comes With Unique Shaping Dies


Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker comes with seven different shaping dies. With the help of these shaping dies of mold you can also customize the shapes of your noodle & pasta. There are three unique shaping dies for noodles, three for pasta and one for gujia and momos. Thanks to these dies you can prepare your pasta and noodles in different shapes.


Easy To Operate


Tasks like mixing, kneading and extruding would take a lot of time and effort if done manually. But with the help of the noodle and pasta maker, these tasks can be performed automatically in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the next time when you invite friends and relatives to your house, you can delight them by serving yummy snacks. You don’t have to toil in the kitchen for several hours to lay down an exotic spread or spend a bomb to order food from outside. This smart chef appliance is there to share your work so that you can focus more on extending a warm welcome to your guests.


Allows You to Maintain Kitchen Hygiene


If the fear of cleaning a messy kitchen is stopping you from cooking, then you should certainly invest in this noodle and pasta maker. The appliance comes with a complete set of cleaning tools that is easy to use and helps you clean the appliance hygienically. Left-over ingredients and debris can be removed easily with the help of the brushes and bristles. Also, it features a smart drawer design to fit in the shaping dies and cleaning tools compactly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about storing or losing the accessories and attachments that come with the appliance.


Add this noodle and pasta maker to your kitchen setup, so that your taste buds are never starved of flavor and good taste. Once you bring this appliance home, you can easily follow a healthy lifestyle without compromising your love for your favorite food items.



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