This is my personal story and I have shared it for a blogging contest organized by Evion. 

Travel and Fitness go hand in hand.

This is my personal account of having the first encounter with breast lumps and how I have discovered a new relationship and trust in Vitamin E and its supplements. I have realized that if I have to keep travelling, I have to be fit and healthy. 

Tuesday afternoon! (June 2017) 

Hospitals make me nervous. I bet no one is fond of them. One can avoid visiting them but can never ignore them. I always have a family member or friend for company but that afternoon I decided to pick my reports on my own. I had undergone a regular check up on the weekend and was looking forward to collecting them and consulting my gynecologist henceforth. There was no stress of any kinds. 


I went straight to the pathology lab on the ground floor and gave the receipts. In no time, the lady at the counter handed me a thick envelope. She gave me a smile and I returned the favor. I had already booked my appointment during the OPD timings and thus made my way towards 3rd floor. I waited for 10 minutes before I met Dr. A. While she looked at my reports, I looked at my watch and made plans for my next move. I was excited about a travel assignment for the next week and there was lots more on my platter. When she spoke, I immediately lost track of everything that was running in my mind. She said I must go and meet a senior surgeon on the first floor, rather an oncologist. The ultrasound imaging of my right breast had reported two lumps along with some cysts. She bluntly told me get an fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) or fineneedle aspiration cytology (FNAC)  done asap for atleast the bigger one. First, see a senior surgeon.

Honestly, it took me some time to register what was talking. It would be a big lie if I said that the first thought was not of breast cancer. In fact I couldn’t think of anything else but how my life would change. I wondered how would I travel and write and what not. I think the doctor was smart to read that on my face and she said, ‘Don’t Google much and don’t panic. Not many people get their breasts check-up done, you did a great job. Just go and consult the surgeon and come back to me after his advise.’

I literally dashed to the first floor and grabbed a quick appointment with Mr. S. He went through my reports and examined my affected area with his team of nurses. I was literally choking with panic. There was pin drop silence for ten minutes and then he spoke,

‘The lump is due to Fibrocystic changes. With my 15 years of experience, I can assure with 99% guarantee that isn’t malignant as of now. 1 %, no doctor can promise anything. I will write down some medicines, you have to eat them for three months and we will get the ultrasound done again. The aim is that it shouldn’t grow or create issues. If it remains the way it is, there is no harm. A lot of non-malignant lumps exist in our body and they can be won over by surgical removal if they don’t resolve on their own.’

I heaved a breath of relief!!!

I thought he might be writing down a list of medicines but he only wrote down two names- Primosa and Evion 600 mg. He insisted keep them regular. Aah, I chuckled, Vitamin E looked familiar and nothing less than a saviour for that moment. It instantly reminded me of the Vitamin E oil regularly for the black marks under my eyes during the college days and had won over them. It was time to start a new relationship. I knew this could be a bigger battle. I purchased the medicines but not before asking him how Vitamin E could help me here.

He explained that consumption of Vitamin E rich diet and Evion supplements could possible reduce the symptoms associated with fibrocystic changes as it relieves breast lumps and tenderness favorably. 

Vitamin E, Evion

Well, its been 6 months to the first report. I have been in touch with both the doctors. I have undergone the ultrasound once again, after the completion of three months. The lump exists, has shown no changes and I am glad that there are no abnormalities as of now. I have been asked to continue the medicines. And there has been not a single day since June when I have not had Vitamin E supplements along with the other medicines. I consume them daily with a belief that everything will be fine. 

5 facts that have deepened my trust in Vitamin E!

1. Many epidemiologic studies suggest that vitamin E can help the breast cancer risk reduction by 10-90%

2.Vitamin E works by being a lipid antioxidant and free radical scavenger

3.The metabolism of vitamin E is tightly regulated and it does not lead to toxic accumulation in the liver

4.Vitamin E made of tocopherols and tocotrienols maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and satisfactory blood cholesterol levels.

5. Cancer prevention research also says – “Vitamin E, as ingested in the diet or in supplements that are rich in γ- and δ-tocopherols, is cancer preventive whereas supplementation with high doses of α-tocopherol is not.”

Almonds, Peanuts, Sunflower seeds, turnip greens, Pine nuts, eggs, Olives, Avacados, Oatmeal, Soyabeans are some of the rich sources of Vitamin E 

Vitamin E, Breast cancer, Evion
Vitamin E is one compound which is considered to prevent breast cancer.



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  1. This post made me conscious about my health. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I should go to the doctor and be checked if ever I also need to take certain vitamin precautions. Wishing you the best! and thank you 🙂

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