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Disclaimer – I am blogging about the current situation of India because I want to remember it the way it happened. I want that you should remember it too so that you can analyze for yourself as to what went wrong. This will also remind us that real people came to our rescue and not our political views. Also, we should all remember that effort was made. The loved ones, the family members, friends and even unknowns collectively left no stone unturned in saving people around them. The below list is my way of thanking the strangers who offered help to each other. It has been my pleasure to know about so many of them. Some one had to acknowledge these helping hands and I thought let me do my bit. Realistically, this list is too long to navigate for someone who is in need but I have made this with the intention that you and I should be able to bring help to someone with the help of it. When all of this over, we should all have something to look forward to, to remind us that we saved someone or at least tried our best. Intention and effort matters in these most challenging times.


In 2020, the pandemic knocked on our doors but in 2021, it has literally left us aghast. Until a few months ago, it was still a neighborly affair but in 2021, it has walked in our houses and shook us completely. The month of April was harrowing and the anxiety has spilled over in May too. What is being called as second wave is the deadliest thing that we have ever seen. It has caught us all under-prepared. While the ignorance of people has hailed, the governance has failed too. The truth cannot be hidden because the call for hospitals, oxygen and basic medical facilities has been echoing day and night. Never ever have we seen or heard anything like this and none should have to see this. There is no doubt about the fact that 90 percent people are recovering at home but at the same time, the requirements for hospital beds have soared exponentially. No one has been spared, the rich or the poor. No money or contacts came to rescue.

The dreadful moments have been when young and old have lost lives due to lack of medicines because our system was not prepared. To add to the woes, medicines have been hoarded by soul-less people. There is frantic need for oxygen cylinders but some immorally crippled people had the audacity to run away with the advance payments. And worst of all, many politicians are still in hiding with no war footing plan to mitigate the issue. All of this is real, deadly, mind numbing and cruel.

Why do we not have enough hospital beds ? Why is there a shortage of oxygen? Why are we short of medical essentials? Why do we have to look for everything in desperation? Why do we have to cry help on social media platforms? Trust me, no one has answers to these questions. And please don’t blame our population for everything. All this while, it was quoted as our strength. And why not have a policy for population control too without worrying about vote banks?


But despite the pitfalls, hurdles and major tumbles, the biggest takeaway from all of this chaos, callousness and complete failure of governments has been ‘COMING TOGETHER OF HUMANITY’. To begin with, we must thank the healthcare fraternity for standing on their toes days and night. Always remember, they managed a tsunami, not a wave. There can never be enough words or token of appreciations to thank them. Next comes the other front line workers who have facilitated administration, made things possible, delivered food, essentials and attended their duties with utmost diligence. They did not have the luxury to save themselves at home. They have stood like warriors.

And last but not the least, there has been no dearth of strangers (I also call them people with souls) coming together in these grim times. The need for basic things, right information and resources has been of utmost importance for many panicked families, And this was the time when humanity rose up again. The Gurudwaras and the sevaks sprang up in action like none. They will always be remembered for their war footing help. And then of course, many more individuals, support groups, teams, college students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, social workers, political workers, journalists, writers, influencers followed suit. Once, they decided to act, they delivered too. Even though some efforts were small, they were very-very genuine.

Most of the people I know have been willing to help. The intention was pure and that is what matters most, during these times. The best and closest examples comes from my college and school friends watsapp groups, my society groups or my husband’s office support teams. They have been like antibodies for many. We must keep these people in our prayers and remember them for standing rock solid for our families. I am proud to know of friends have been delivering medicines, making food for ailing families and even arranging oxygen, medicines and doctors for others. I know of friends who verfied leads for me while I searched for information. And last but not the least, I am extremely proud of my parents who have been cooking food for some of the Covid affected families in their society. I am surrounded by such amazing examples, how can I not do my part.

Let us thank humans for inventing technology. The way people have been using the power of social media and winning over negativity is heart warming. It is admirable as well as heart warming to see how one ‘SOS’ tweet on social media puts strangers in action and they gallop to help. One message on Watsapp group bring umpteen rays of hope. And one call to a friend brings in timely help.. I shudder what life would have been if we had no telephone, smartphones, websites, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Watsapp.

Check out for this list of helpful COVID resources. I hope it comes in handy whenever you need it. It isn’t all. I will keep appending it with many more. – Search this for the latest Covid resources.

Covid Care Resources Across India (Made by women alumni of IIM) (Community drive covid resources) (National repository of Covid centers) (STATE WISE HELP)

Tata care online digital consultation (For Dehradun/Uttarakhand)

Groups where you may donate too.

Hemkunt Foundation

Sonu Sood Foundation

Akshaya Patra

Khalsa Aid

Teams on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

SOS India

India Cares

Covid Support Delhi NCR

Covid Delhi Info (Verified leads)

Indian Civil Liberties Union

PeakBengaluru in Karnataka


Care 2 donate


Cycle Chain Shankar

National Care


Yuva Volunteers

Jaano Covid 19 Help

Red Volunteers in Kolkata

Andhra Pradesh Plasma Donors

Tulika Devi and her friends are arranging food in Guwahati

Individuals collating information, amplifying ‘SOS’ and providing help!!

Sonu Sood

Licypriya Kangujam

Tehseen Poonawalla

Srinivas B V

Shashi Kumar

Keshav Pradhan

Anas Tanwir

Prateek Dwivedi for Delhi NCR

Ronte for Pune

Rohit for Faridabad

Anupam Kumar Pandey

Harsh – Gujarat Covid Support

camardard Pnkj

Lavanya Ballal

Rashi Roy

Vishakha Talreja

Kirti Khanna (Gurgaon)

A Dash of Panache

Ashwini Dodani

Deepika Gumaste

Upasana Bora

Ayush Srivastava

Chani Bhate

Adwait Chondikar

Amrita Mishra

Purva Bhatia

Rajesh Sonu Singh



Suhas Motwani


Gavit K Rai

Lakshmi Mittal

Vinay Choudhary

To be continued……..

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