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Czech marionettes

Czech Marionettes – Traditional Art from Prague

“They say that you don’t have to choose the puppet, the puppet will choose you.’’ Do you know that the ‘Czech Marionettes’ are among the best and Czech puppeteers remain world leaders to this day? Apart from the puppets or ‘kathputlis’ of Rajasthan in India, where else can one be mesmerized with brightly painted expressve …

Indian folk Art -Cheriyal Painting

Making Cheriyal Paintings of Telangana

Backyard Tourism– In this blog, I have shared some ‘Keynotes on Cheriyal Paintings of Telangana‘ as well as pictures of my first attempt of making one. The past few months have been surreal and it is still hard to believe that these ‘social distancing days’ have changed the course of our lives. No doubt, I …

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