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Road-tripping in Cape Town

Road-tripping in CAPE TOWN!

The scenes and sounds from my Cape Town trip have not fizzled out yet. The word ‘gorgeous’ is cliché and “beautiful” stands insufficient. This is one of the most blissful, carved out with perfection and blessed with natural diversity, kind of place. With its iconic Table Mountain, enthralling flora & fauna, windy Cape of Good …


CESKY KRUMLOV – The Bohemian Beauty

If the fairies ever chose to live on Earth, it would be ‘CESKY KRUMLOV’. This Bohemian beauty blew me away. So what if we can’t be there physically, we can always do an arm-chair travel. Here is everything that you would love to know about it. The memories are absolutely fresh in my mind as …

Lockdown Art


Art is keeping us inspired in Lockdown Let me begin by raising a toast to the indominable spirit of mankind. We could not have changed the course of this pandemic, without science and its keepers. In this time of unprecedented crisis, it has been exceptionally inspirational to see how healthcare professionals, security forces and essential …

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