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Help The Poor, Delhi Winters, Charity

Chills and Shivers : Help the Poor.

This part of season most of us dread coming out of our blankets and prefer sitting snug with pullovers on. It’s been really foggy and shivery, definitely not easy for people who suffer from cold-intolerance. But thanks to Lord, we have enough to keep us warm and cozy .Give a thought to the poor, homeless …

Ravinder Singh

A story that touched

Prologue– A few days back, I read the book  ‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’ by Ravinder Singh. I had not heard about the writer’s any work before but this Piece of writing comes straight from his heart.  A true story! I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY, the characher of KHUSHI, I Struck a chord …


Something In a Name!

As a child whenever I asked my Dad the true meaning of my name, he said that it was just his instinct which prompted him to name me after my mum-Manju and he never happened to check out the real meaning. My teachers in school and friends took special interest in my name. I never …


Hello world!

Had a wish to start a blog some day but it dint happen all this while. As it goes everything is planned and happens on the due date. Its the day to strike— 18th jan 2010. Happy blogging to me. I hope to be regular with my posts.

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