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A Red-Letter day

  What is a Red-Letter day day?   I, a student of Standard V. One of the warm days of winter. (As I don’t remember cribbing in the morning as I do years later). I was all excited to reach school for the flag hoisting. Not to mention we had practiced hard for the drill …



Inspiration for this post: A sticker on one of the car’s back read license to kill. Though the intention would be quite unlike but somehow I dint get the right message. I am sure no one else was bothered and the car zoomed away. THE THOUGHT PROCESS  There is huge level of indiscipline on Indian …

Help The Poor, Delhi Winters, Charity

Chills and Shivers : Help the Poor.

This part of season most of us dread coming out of our blankets and prefer sitting snug with pullovers on. It’s been really foggy and shivery, definitely not easy for people who suffer from cold-intolerance. But thanks to Lord, we have enough to keep us warm and cozy .Give a thought to the poor, homeless …

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