This is my meditating space, which includes lots of story-telling around travel, art, culture and food.

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Let Us Discover Channapatna – The Toy land of India

The new-age gadgets and technological advancements have altered our love for age-old practices and products of exquisite craftsmanship. The influx of foreign far-fetched devices has literally taken over the demand of traditional handicrafts and hand-made artifacts. And of all the odds, competition from outsourced products which come at cheap prices has killed the passion and …


Its Love Marriage for me….

July 2007 I had just graduated as an engineer and was flying high with a job in hand.  I was supposed to travel to Bangalore to join as a software engineer. But then came a twist, I grabbed another job. Two in hand and I was all happy but no less confused.  My friends and I were …

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