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Itinerary for family trip in Goa

A Relaxed Family Trip In Goa

Family trip in Goa! If you thought that holidays in Goa is only about holidaying with friends, let me try changing your mind. How about giving a surprise and telling your family that you are taking them on a holiday to Goa, a couple of weeks from now? Trust me, the expressions on their faces …

Lamba Saath, bharose ki baat, Exide

A Longer, Deeper Trust

Human bonds blossom, grow, mature, strengthen and become unbreakable over the years. Days, months and years don’t just make us grow wise but also nurture long term associations. They bless us with valuable relationships. This video from Exide Life Insurance will inspire you to think deeply about the relationships in your life. Give it a …


When Plans Work In Times Of Crisis

    “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”  – Jane Howard     Yes, we all need a family. As humans we thrive on laughter, joys, love, togetherness and almost everything that makes us feel safe and …

Happiness, Friends

I am Happy, Are you?

This post is dedicated to International Day of Happiness HAPPINESS is ABC of life! It is an addictive, beautiful and charming word.  Who doesn’t want to be happy? Rather we do it all in life to let not this emotion distance from us.  What is Happiness? It may seem just a simple word but as I write …

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