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Cinquantenaire park of Brussels

Photoblog: Autumn in Brussels is gorgeous

    My friends Mini and Tushar have been living in Brussels for a couple of months now. They have been enjoying and exploring the city well and I can say that because I regularly follow their updates on Facebook and Instagram. And it is through them that I know that this cultural destination is the city of …

Friends, Fun, excitement, Zest

10 favorite words with F

With Life getting complicated each single day, simplicity is losing its essence.  Thus I thought of writing an easy post, made up of simplest words that have so much importance in our life and the best coincidence about them is that they all begin with F.  10 Favorite words with F Fan : Even if …



I am missing Oslo today. Not only because they were the best holidays that I have had ever but also because I am missing the perky Christmas moments.  Last month when I was there, the preparations had commenced by that time.  Every day I would be awe-struck with the beautiful CHRISTMAS decorations. The Christmas stuff could …

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