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Be Healthy, Be Fit, Travel More!

I am a traveler and I know what it means when I am not able to travel due to health issues. Or you might even not know that you are over exerting yourself because you are not fit.  Its really not easy to predict diseases when they might creep in but the best that we …

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11 Things To Know About The SENS Launch

This post is in collaboration with ‘SENS’ –  A Wave Group’s Initiative.   For the first time, Wave group is making an entry into wellness and healthcare segment with the launch of SENS clinic.  SENS anti-ageing and wellness clinic aims to bring holistic wellness solutions for MIND, BODY and SOUL. At the mention of body and …

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Why A Blogger Needs To Be Fit And Healthy?

That one syringe goes in the nerve and sucks in my blood. Oops, I am dizzy already. Gosh! I fail to handle it every time even though blood tests have been a regular in my life.    Raise your hands if that one visit to the pathology for that much detested blood test gives you a nightmare. Give me …

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