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10 offbeat honeymoon destinations in India

Top 10 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

This article on ‘Offbeat Honeymoon destinations in India’ was originally published in Travellinks magazine in the December/January issue! Did you have a wedlock in the last six months and are still heartbroken about your derailed honeymoon plans? Well, donโ€™t be because you are not alone. Newly-wed couples around the world are nursing the pain and …

Maldives, Male

Diving In incredibly Beautiful Maldives

The search for honeymoon destination is not an easy task. Trust me it needs a lot of research. ย  My close friends got married in September last year. It was one of those weddings for which our group of friends had waited for years. While they deserved the best of everything, they hardly had time …

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