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SENS Clinic, South Ext, SENS Launch

11 Things To Know About The SENS Launch

This post is in collaboration with ‘SENS’ –  A Wave Group’s Initiative.   For the first time, Wave group is making an entry into wellness and healthcare segment with the launch of SENS clinic.  SENS anti-ageing and wellness clinic aims to bring holistic wellness solutions for MIND, BODY and SOUL. At the mention of body and …

Health, Thyrocare, Aarogyam, Check Up

Why A Blogger Needs To Be Fit And Healthy?

That one syringe goes in the nerve and sucks in my blood. Oops, I am dizzy already. Gosh! I fail to handle it every time even though blood tests have been a regular in my life.    Raise your hands if that one visit to the pathology for that much detested blood test gives you a nightmare. Give me …

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