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Who is a Sasak?

Sasak Ende Village in Lombok is a cultural keepsake.

“ Lombok “means “straight” or “honest”, while “Sasak ” means “reality”. This post is dedicated to the native people of Lombok, who are known as Sasaks. Join me here, and let us see one of their traditional dwellings, called Sasak Ende Village. This is the place where Sasaks live and have preserved their tradition, art, music and culture. The village tour …


Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

 This post won me a trip to Malaysia in 2014!!!   Are you Itching to Travel too?    In 2012, God was gracious on me and I got a splendid chance to enamor myself with the beauty of Europe.  In 2013, I was thrilled to explore Middle East and for the year 2014, Asia has …

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