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Itinerary for Chicago

An Itinerary : 3 days in Chicago

I have not been to Chicago yet but I definitely wish to go there someday. If you are right there, you might find this 3 days itinerary really helpful because this one comes from a friend there!     As one of the most impressive cities in the US, it’s impossible to take in everything Chicago …

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Where To Eat And What To Explore In Mexico?

With a population exceeding 20 million, the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City can leave any visitor frenetic and dazed. It is said that one can spend a lifetime in this capital and still not get enough time to experience all the delights the city has to offer. I have not been there yet but I …


Touchdown at Dream Asian Destination

AirAsia is offering great fares through “World’s Best Online Travel Fair” for travelers visiting Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok!                                                              Contest Theme:  They are asking us – Which destination we prefer and why? All day I explored extensively and I choose KL (as locals prefer to call it). It is enthralling, suits my choice of place and …


Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

What did M do Last Summer? 🙂 🙂 M traveled to Europe. That was my first international trip that I took alone (Journey of 10 hours). Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Hubby was in Sweden and he invited me over to join him for a ten day trip. I was all glad but reluctant to go. …

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