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Vietnamese Girl, Vietnam picture on shutterstock

VIETNAM ROADSHOW : Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City

This travel blog post shares some very exciting and helpful travel information about Vietnam which I got to discover at Ho Chi Minh City media meet and road show that happened in Delhi last month.     VIETNAM IS ON MY MIND! WHY?   The country gets a good footfall from tourists all over the world. Through …

Oslo city, shopping centre, Norway, Travel

My heart goes to Oslo again and again

  The memories are still fresh. I was seriously unhappy as I couldn’t be with my hubby on our first anniversary. He was far away in Norway, the beautiful one, the land of Midnight sun and I was in India. The Norwegian Embassy had put my visa application on hold (even though I had had …



I am missing Oslo today. Not only because they were the best holidays that I have had ever but also because I am missing the perky Christmas moments.  Last month when I was there, the preparations had commenced by that time.  Every day I would be awe-struck with the beautiful CHRISTMAS decorations. The Christmas stuff could …

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