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Peru, Local People, Titikaka lake

Why am I talking about PERU?

PERU     Do I have a reason? Well yes, I have too many. First and foremost, you could blame me for having a traveler’s heart, curious mind and itching feet. For other reasons, you might want to scroll below.   I am keen to talk about PERU because this year I am curiously reading, visiting and looking forward to places that stand …

A nation-wide hunt for India’s true explorers.

3 can win an expedition to Machu Picchu, Peru

    Machu Picchu, Peru sounds exotic and fun, Doesn’t it?     National Geographic Channel (NGC) is running the contest ‘Mission Explorer.’ The mission of the contest is to search people who have made a difference in their life as well in others life by taking a leap ‘Beyond Boundaries.  It is an India-only project with a global appeal concept.  Mission …

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