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Corbett, Golden Tusk

How about Dining in a Swimming Pool in Corbett?

I am sure the caption has got you curious. The stark combination of dinner, swimming pool and Corbett isn’t a usual one. While talking about forests and National Park, I should be talking about safari, wilderness, birds and tigers but this post is not about any of these but my dining experience in a swimming pool. …

Trip to Pathankot, ShopArt ArtShop 2, Gunehr, Travel

Day 1: Pathankot To Gunehr To Bir

Udhampur AC Express reached Pathankot at 5.30 in the morning.  It was running late by 50 minutes. The three minute halt was enough for four of us to get down with our backpacks.  We had not realized in the train but it had been raining heavily. There was extreme chill in the air. As we walked out …

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