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Lamba Saath, bharose ki baat, Exide

A Longer, Deeper Trust

Human bonds blossom, grow, mature, strengthen and become unbreakable over the years. Days, months and years don’t just make us grow wise but also nurture long term associations. They bless us with valuable relationships. This video from Exide Life Insurance will inspire you to think deeply about the relationships in your life. Give it a …


Mr. and Mrs. in Riyadh!

Since I have played the below video, the one from British Airways, I have felt connected.  Somewhere, it captures our stories perfectly.   As couples, we all need our personal togetherness time. The rut of life, our customs and demands of life leave us with little time to celebrate with each other.  After celebrating all the …


Someone Somewhere is made for you

March has been going good. I have been blogging in full swing and that’s the secret of my happiness. To keep myself on my fingers and not toes, I am experimenting with different niches  and not just restricting myself to book reviews.  I am also writing as guest bloggers at few portals and once such …


Bandana and the Bangles : My entry for the Get Published contest

‘This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India ‘   The Story Idea—        Bandanas and Bangles Ravish: He was stylish and attractive. He had long, unkempt hair and an obsession for Bandanas…. Avira: She was sweet, simple and strong girl. She went dreamy-eyed at the mention of …

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