This is my meditating space, which includes lots of story-telling around travel, art, culture and food.

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Paella was created in Valencia

Valencian Paella & Sangria

‘Toasting over Sangria in Spain’ is definitely a thing to do on every traveler’s bucket-list, but you really can’t afford to miss the traditional Spanish Paella, as well. Lucky me, my wish was granted in Valencia in Spain, the home-land of this simple but sumptous rice dish. My first rendezvous with Paella had taken place …


IIFA 2016 Goes To Madrid. Whose Coming Along?

The 17th Edition of IIFA is off to Europe.  If you were ever in love with Farhan Akhtar’s movie Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, I bet you will be super excited to hear the next piece of the news. This time IIFA 2016 is all set to create a filmy mayhem in Madrid, Spain. If you thought Madrid was only about FIFA …


Mr. and Mrs. in Riyadh!

Since I have played the below video, the one from British Airways, I have felt connected.  Somewhere, it captures our stories perfectly.   As couples, we all need our personal togetherness time. The rut of life, our customs and demands of life leave us with little time to celebrate with each other.  After celebrating all the …

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