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The Bitcoin Thriller

Book Review: God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian We live in a greedy world! I wonder what a thriller book would read like if money, revenge or vested  interests weren’t involved. The book in question is the first ever bitcoin thriller and it revolves around money that isn’t real. The attractive elements of the plot …


Chapter 5: Duplicity

Team : Writers’ Express Read the Chapters of the story here Chapter 1: Pawan Hegde Chapter 2 : Partha Sadhukhan  Chapter 3 : Sujata Tawde Chapter 4: Shilpa Halwe Chapter 6: Shazneen Pathak  Chapter 7:  Anuradha Chapter 8 : Anuradha Round 1 ended after 8 chapters and now we are through the second round along with other …

Love Kills, Book review, Ismita Tandon

Love Kills

  A hardcore romantic person like me absolutely agrees that ‘Love does Kill’ but then it isn’t my story yet. This one is a crime thriller written by ISMITA TANDON I have read and stood by Ismita’s work right from her first offering ‘Love on the Rocks’.  I remember meeting her in the first book …

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