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karnal, Wall art

KARNAL – Home of King Karna and Kalpana Chawla

There are ambitious metropolitan cities and there are small and laid back cities which are on their way to become smart. The city of Karnal, originally known as Karnalaya (home of Karna) falls in the category of the latter. Located at a distance of 132 kilometers from Delhi and 125 kilometers from Chandigarh, it makes …

Tribal Art, Nagpur

Decoding the Warli paintings of Sahyadri

I keep exploring Indian Art and I love making some too. Warli paintings are definitely one of my favorite. I love them so much that I did some during this lockdown too. Before you get to know what Warli Art is all about, I would love to share two of my recent Warli hand-drawn works. …

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