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Meraas-E-Sultanate and Delhi Delicacies!

With food historian and Persian Scholar, Ms. Salma Hussain     This was one delightful evening where I was swayed away with the narrative powers of food, where every dish spoke of its own tale, where delightful and unconventional combinations made for the flavors and where we celebrated the richness of Delhi’s history! And despite the tantalizing distractions, I sat around a long …


Last Friday, We Chose Thai For Dinner

My blog ‘Pendown’ had an invitation from PAN ASIAN (one-stop destination for Asian Food Lovers) to indulge in the Sawadika,  a Thai Food Festival  (Spring Summer Thai Fiesta). Husband and I both enjoy different elements of Thai cuisine, thus we chose to drop by for dinner on Friday night. Here is all about our foodie experience. …

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