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Colour Run, Abu Dhabi, Happiest 5K

15 Pictures From COLOUR RUN, Abu Dhabi

    When hubby sent these colorful pictures from ‘THE COLOUR RUN’, Abu Dhabi, the first thought that struck me was, ‘Is this idea inspired by our famous festival Holi?’. March is the month of Holi in India and you can’t really blame me for reading the weird closeness. But of course, this is different. No doubt it is about colorful faces but …

Raise a Toast to Ferrari World at Yas Island, ABu Dhabi

Ferrari Fever Took Over Us At The Yas Island

All about my experience at Ferrari World at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi   There goes a rule, if you are in Abu Dhabi or at Yas Island, you do not miss the Ferrari World experience. But even if you are in Dubai, you just cannot let the idea of visiting the Ferrari World go. The most powerful brand in …

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