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Berlin's most popular local food

I ate Currywurst in Berlin

I ate vegan Currywurst for the first time near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. I hope you did not miss this popular fast food during your trip to Germany. Though it was nothing close to the idea of curry in my mind (Indian curries are made up of gravy), I liked the weird and saucy fusion. …

Fringe festivals

Decoding Sharjah Fringe Festival!

Did you know that than 200 Fringe events are held worldwide? Not me! The only one that I am aware of is Edinburgh Festival Fringe -touted as the world’s largest arts festival with a lot of creative buzz, spontaneity and vibrant energy around. It seems like Sharjah is bitten by the fringe bug and is …

Paella was created in Valencia

Valencian Paella & Sangria

‘Toasting over Sangria in Spain’ is definitely a thing to do on every traveler’s bucket-list, but you really can’t afford to miss the traditional Spanish Paella, as well. Lucky me, my wish was granted in Valencia in Spain, the home-land of this simple but sumptous rice dish. My first rendezvous with Paella had taken place …

Road trip to Udaipurwati

Udaipurwati – Udaipur of Shekhawati

Last week when I told my folks that I was going for a short getaway to WelcomHeritage Inderpura┬áResort in Udaipurwati, they asked me, “So is it somewhere close to Udaipur“? I immediately cleared the confusion and told them that these two places were not even close. Even your first instinct can be the same and …

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