What is a Red-Letter day day?


I, a student of Standard V. One of the warm days of winter. (As I don’t remember cribbing in the morning as I do years later). I was all excited to reach school for the flag hoisting. Not to mention we had practiced hard for the drill and the parade. Also I was in the Blue House-the torchbearer being from our house. Since morning, I was going through a piece of paper again and again. My Mother asked me, why was I so nervous if I had memorized it all.  I orated it all over again with a few add on from her, here and there. I knew I could deliver it well but still I would continue revising it till the last moment. My Dad bought me a customary accessory (tricolor) without which as students we felt incomplete. Silently, I stepped in the school bus. I felt happy within after all I had to deliver my first speech in school. Oh yes,  I was the chosen one on the special occasion-The Republic day.


The flag was unfurled. The National anthem was played. My name was announced. My teacher gave me a ‘Go ahead “glance. My speech began and I went on and on till the last line. I didn’t stammer, nor did I eat any of the lines. Everyone clapped. And I was elated. It seemed as if I had become famous in a matter of few minutes. After the day’s activities and celebrations, one of my friends asked me, hey in one of lines in the speech, you said 26th January is a red letter day in the history of India.


What is Red Letter Day? Gosh! How did I forget to ask my dad about this phrase? He had helped me with the content of the oration and made sure that I knew the significance of this day detailing the nuances about the constitution being put into effect on this day and India being declared a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. The date 26 January was chosen to commemorate the declaration of independence declared way back in 1930. I explained whatever I knew. But red letter day still remained as a letter painted in red.


I had a task for the day. When I returned home, the first thing that I asked Dad was about Red Letter Day. I made sure I explained the meaning to the whole class next day. It was also very important to add on how and why 26th Jan is a red letter day in our history. And never did it fade away. A red letter day meant a church festival or saint’s day, which was originated from the practice of marking the dates of church festivals on calendars in red. In today’s times it signifies the most special days.

I hope this post helped you to know about one of the special days of our country in a special manner.


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