Ravinder Singh


A few days back, I read the book  ‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’ by Ravinder Singh. I had not heard about the writer’s any work before but this Piece of writing comes straight from his heart.

Ravinder Singh

 A true story!

I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY, the characher of KHUSHI, I Struck a chord with her instantly. The way she felt the happiness and joys of life , I guess I feel the same.

Ravinder and Khushi had a wonderful chemistry though distance apart unlike today’s falling relationships.The anxiousness to be together, their first meeting, it all comes so naturally which every person would be able to relate.

But fate played all topsy turvy.The book reinstates the fear of loss, the pain of living without someone you are absolutely in love with.A time of life which no one would ever want to live.

Many people who are into long distance relationships, would know its so difficult at times.There are days when you cannot hold yourself and you sleep away crying. And many a times would have gone blank in the most important meeting of the day.But they all live with a dream to be together someday at the earliest.

Everyone dreads losing the most important person of his/her life. The days passing are shortening the time that we have to spend with our loved ones.Make the fullest of it.Time flies and you never know what may happen next.

I was never like this but at this phase of time, when natural disasters are taking a toll of life and every man moving on the road is at the mercy of the others.Life is at its most unpredictable phase- I feel its important to live the Together moments happily.Get BONDED!

P.S. I was so touched by the book. A love story that was sweet soft but Alas painful.A realistic experience as a whole.

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