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I came across this in the book that I am reading now, will reveal the name once I come up with its review, but the words keep coming back again and again when ever I meet a non-reader. There are people who love books and others who loathe it. Which one are you?


If you fall in the latter category, read the highlighted lines very carefully. It’s for all those people who have never explored the joy of reading. There’s a myriad collection of books and the fun and learning can only be extracted by reading them. The lines go like this –


“If you say you do not love books, you have not found the right book yet.”

I completely agree with this one. These words so wisely mean that it all depends on what you start reading. Firstly the reader has to make up his mind to read but choosing the right book is equally important otherwise the love for it would never develop.


I am sure U and Me love reading because we started with the right books. Had we been given just anything, the bond would have never grown. I loved the first book and hence began to recognize the charm and wonder of books, thus gradually giving in to the reading virus. It happens even today, if my last book is a pleasant one, I crave for another one to grab almost instantly. But if the book fails me in the depth or interest, I become extra careful with the next one before I start. It happens because we love to do what we like and vice versa.



The more one reads, the better a person one becomes. There is so much to be learnt and known and it cannot be done without our friends i.e. books. There is an entire world to be visited and books take you on a journey all along. I am surprised why people keep themselves aloof from something so captivating and miraculous. Read and share the joys of reading. Look for the right book and I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Happy Reading!

We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate. ~Henry Miller

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