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BLOGGING-  My half yearly report.

Over with June, so half of the year is done.Everything has a progress report card, I   thought why not  evaluate my own blog as per my standard. And also its not about competing with anyone as all my life I have been in the race for top ranks, cant take it anymore. Here I am just trying to gauge my progress as a blogger and the response of my readers. The keyword is Progress.

I captured the idea of blogging in the first week of January but came up with the first post on 18th Jan. It was a personal article- Something In a Name! It will always be very special being the very first one. Within an hour, it had my first comment and it gave such immense pleasure when I realized that people were  reading it already. It acted as a great moral booster 🙂

Initially when I started the blog, I had no pre-plans as to what I wanted to write about. It was more of a personal hobby that I really wanted to move ahead with. I was part of School and college editorial boards, they had already build the grounds for going a step further. But the first blogging hurdle I encountered was choosing the ‘Theme’. In the first ten days I experimented with around 7-8 of them till I settled with iNOVE (had to fix one for the reasons of ad-sense)  😉 have gone for a change again a few weeks ago. (Change is so constant with me)

In the starting weeks till it continued in Feb as well, I had every other topic in my mind that I wanted to write about but fell short on time. Though there were 3 categories which had my deep inclination and I dint let them fall out. I wrote about environmental topics- ‘ Save Tiger ‘, Earth Day’ as I joined the campaigns here and there.  Secondly, about my BOOKISH and READING love regularly, later pursued the BOOK REVIEW idea. And when I was not writing about the above two, it was my personal thoughts in the category ‘ BREEZY’.

All this while, I was blessed to get great support from my friends, colleagues and above all the TG TOWN blog mates who were constantly bringing the smile with their comments, praise, discussions and load and loads of encouragement. And if I had a comment from Dagny Mam and TG Sir, that was a grand day in my blogging progress card.

Gradually, as the days progressed I learnt more about widgets, fire stats and played around with some looks change. But never realized the fact that I had to grow the number of readers as well. Though it was progressing and I knew that a few( meager 40) were reading it everyday but again dint work out on more. Though now I am working on the optimization but it isn’t showing much results 🙁

Every month I aim to come up with more than 10 posts but have failed as well due to job pressure. But the best achievement has been my progress in rank on Indiblogger. I started with 73 in the month of May and now its 80 in June. And here is where I realize networking helps and I have thought to do lots and lots of it.

With 6 months of my writing, I know that I have developed as a writer though the progress may be small but its there. Foremost I love the idea of having a web-page of my own where I can speak out randomly and there are few of my great friends who would listen in all cases. There’s guidance pouring in from all directions. Last but not the least I would say these last 6 months of blogging have been great.

Hope to improve considerably till the year end.

And the Mantra is Writing regularly and better each time…
Here is my 65th post….
Happy blogging!!!

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