No ‘thing’ (nothing) makes me happy for long. I am real ‘unhappy human soul’. Isn’t something to boast about nor Am I proud but it is real. Well it isn’t just my story but a toll number of people I speak about. Each one of us runs after happiness all his/her life but seldom lets it stay for long. All our life, we are preoccupied with our efforts to keep ourselves happy, but we seldom embrace it heartily when it comes real close. Basically happiness is a state of mind and no one other than us can make it happen except us but we let it fly off even when it comes calling on its own. You may not approve it instantly but will agree with me soon.

We humans have become so accustomed to the stressed life that we have actually forgotten the feeling of being happy. Let me quote generally from my daily routine- Most of the day and some part of the night I am mostly engrossed in thinking  and trying for my needs and wants. If it was just about needs, I would have been happy but my wants have surpassed all my needs exponentially. And this culprit has made me a real unhappy soul. I have a numerous wishes and dreams to be fulfilled and I am often thinking about them. My happiness depends on my self imposed conditions and then I complain why happiness doesn’t come to me. How far is it justified?

Do you really let yourself ‘be happy, feel happy’? A friend posed this question to me on one of those days when I had actually achieved a dream of mine. I was happy but as an ‘unhappy human soul’, I was busy bothering my happy thoughts with the irrelevant anxiety and foreseen troubles. I should have been purely happy but now when I had achieved it, I was thinking of other troubles and other aspects of it. He blatantly pointed out that I was trying to mar the real happiness of mine and enjoyed being ‘unhappy soul’ and I knew he was right. (I am expert at it.)

I thought and introspected -The day is so fine and lovely, by grace of God, I have achieved my one of the many dreams as well but instead of feeling and being happy for the moment, I was more interested in being unhappy by inviting the negative thoughts. Why? Also I had 5 more things to be achieved on my wish list sooner than I had achieved one- greedy me. Hence again, the happiness was flung far off from my reach, this is what I feel but its not so, happiness never goes away from us, we tend to drive it away from us. In fact it was very close but I never savored it, neither enjoyed it because I was worried for the other things rather than it. This is me. Poor me!

The message is ‘Let’s hold happiness for long’.

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Manjulika Pramod

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