No Place like Home

This one is really close to my heart. I had been away from my home for about 6 years and now for the last 6 months I am soooo happy to be back, home.  🙂 Coming back has not been easy though but definitely it was worth the fight. Once you pack your bags, life doesn’t let you unpack so easily. 4 years of my hostel life, something which I opted for on my own to learn not to be dependent and then the first two years of job – a forced one with hardly any say of mine. Now am through the fight for relocation and the change of job, all for the want of getting back home, it feels heavenly. Leaving the homely cocoon had been one of the hardest decision, don’t know how others feel but I have missed every day being away. I always feel home is one place I would choose to be if I could only live in one place for the rest of my life. 😉

Book Review: No Place Like Home

Home, it needn’t be a mansion but it’s the place where ones heart gets healed for the biggest of pains. While away I accept I have met some great people who were very helpful but the homely touch went amiss. I loved my hostel life; it taught me some of the biggest lessons. I became independent; I earned some great loving friends who made the journey of life just wonderful. It was great to absorb the truths of life, experience junior senior bonds, acquire knowledge, be able to earn bread and butter but I was never ever able to put away my love for home. I was always among the few who loved the last day of the semesters as the happiness to reach home knew no bounds for me. Getting my reservations done was equally important as keeping the backlogs at bay. (I succeeded in both- all the 8 semesters) 😉

Many of my friends wondered as to what was so special about my home. Well except my great loving parents, there isn’t anything worth bragging about and am sure everyone is equally blessed. I hardly relish the materialistic assets. Home is not only the place where your refrigerator is full of chocolates and drinks or where the kitchen smells of irresistible delicacies, where you pray together, practice the rituals and celebrate festivals. For me, home stands for shelter, protection, love, care, warmth, tenderness, fun. 🙂  It gives me ‘can be truly ME- MYSELF ‘feeling. I may not get the independence to stay out late night or maybe I may not be able to take a few decisions without some negations from mom-dad. But to have someone worry for you and hold you back with impulsive decisions is umpteen times above than having no one to answer to. If you are thinking about my space and my freedom- these are very trivial things to bother.

If you have been on your own, you would know how difficult it is to manage everything on your own. 🙁 You do not know when you are eating or sleeping. Obviously one has to live away to earn a living but am sure each one of us yearns to get back home. On bad days at workplace, I have missed my home dearly. Call me lazy, but still I would say I love my home. Being away has actually made me realize the real importance of living at home. It’s not running away from independent responsibilities but it’s like sharing the family’s love and laughter, sorrow and grief. Enjoying the togetherness is what home is for me. In fact home isn’t a place or structure; it’s a feeling which keeps me safe, protected, cared, and loved.

“With time maybe the location will change but as long as the feeling of love comes with me that will be home too”. 🙂 Home will always be the place where, whenever I will end up, they will take me in. It may be day or night. Home is where my heart is. What is home to you?

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