Just been thinking, how I run after 8 and 8 runs after me 😉 No! It’s not my love for numbers. It isn’t my lucky number either and if it is, the magic has worn out.  There isn’t much intriguing as well. The clock strikes 8, it happens twice a day as its normal routine. It’s a cyclic 12 hour difference that’s been going on endlessly. It’s about punctuality at its best driving my working and commuting hours. I am not fond of 8 a.m. and I love 8 p.m   🙂  It’s a different ‘me’, an outside world, and the race all starts and ends at 8.

One hits the bed in the night with some great plans for the next day, but for me along with my plans, the target is always 8. It’s a mad rush in the morning and among the hymn chantings, a background score keeps occurring ‘8 bajne wale hain’. It’s relevant because whatever time I get up that’s on my discretion, I need to be ready by 8-dats the deadline. It’s the time to step out of the homely cocoon and step out, to go for work. To reach office on time and be saved from the boss’s angry stare, I just cannot mess with 8. It’s simple, I miss 8, I miss my cab and I miss my office. Though I would love to but can’t afford to, because if the cab goes amiss, travelling all the way from Delhi to Gurgaon is one hateful task  🙁

It’s a big relief once I am done with the 8 in the morning. A calmer I settled in the cab, on the way to office, trying to think nothing at all and failing at it miserably. The very thought of meetings, projects, excel sheets is in the air obviously with quite a content of carbon and nitrogen as well. The day@office starts with the usual checking mails, online newspaper etc. Lost in the work related activities, I hardly realize what time of the day it is. The lunch and tea breaks need not be mentioned. But again, the other hours of the day are all scheduled. It’s a vicious cycle of one task after the other. It feels all tied down. And then the wait for the other 8 begins.  😉

8 p.m.-There’s something special about it. Just like a bird loves to fly back to its nest after the days outing, I start back home at about 6-30 and reach home after the endless jams and crowd. The clock cheerfully welcomes me with another 8 🙂  This one is so chilled out and totally in contrast with the morning rush hour 8. I feel relaxed and it helps me unwind. I can do what my heart desires; I am no more the slave of the time bound activities. This is time for me, myself and my leisure. The time I look forward to and these are the hours which help me prepare for the next day.

There are entirely two lives to be lived in these 8 to 8 cycles and both are equally important. One that I do for the living, for the recognition, for the worldly affairs and, the other one must I live for myself, for my passion, for my hobbies, for my real happiness. I suppose the best that I can do is striking a perfect balance between the two.This is my 8 to 8 journey which is more than packing and unpacking. There’s a wish to do something beyond the limit of 8…..What about you?

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Manjulika Pramod

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