Ragging, No Ragging


After so many, here comes another tragic news-“Ragged for months in Mumbai, youth kills self”. It’s sensitized me to question out as to why the educational institutions have not succeeded in putting a curb on ragging despite clear guidelines issued by the Apex Court of this country. While the primary responsibility of curbing ragging rests with educational institutions, the matter still lacks the seriousness, the stringent rules and implementation.

It’s just so shameful that a bunch of brats traumatize a weak heart to the extent that he ends up his life. I condemn the barbaric act. Have our education and moral values failed in making us sensitive human beings or have we turned into monsters? A person involved in ragging has none to blame accept himself/herself. The perpetrators must be dealt severely. It’s high time; the young realize the perils of ragging. The cheap fun drawn out of the forceful acts is completely anti-social. It’s a heinous crime.

Incidents of ragging have been common in almost all the educational institutions. The moral behind ragging is to make the fresher’s “comfortable” in the next threshold of life. In fact, this approach of initiation is not bad if it is done in a friendly way. There are N numbers of ways of breaking the ice with the fuchchas, why give it a criminal face? Seniors should keep in mind that their juniors have just stepped out of the safe shell and many of them are unaware of the odd ways of the world. “Why make them do anything in the name of building strong junior-senior relationship?” Traumatized students bear the humiliation and suffer in silence, for fear of losing the close bond with the seniors. Also, they compromise with some bit of indecency at the opportunity of getting to pursue their education in their dream colleges. But its highly unfair!!

A University is not a mere information shop. It is place where a man’s intellect, will and emotions are disciplined. In it experience and adventure are combined. Have the fun but not with an ugly attitude. Seniors should create an atmosphere in which the fresher should feel comfortable .In this perspective, it is imperative that all educational institutions must introduce value-based education to build character among students. They must be taught that they have been sent to the college to acquire the knowledge.

We have all been students, none unaware of this phase of junior senior interaction. And each one of us has many sweet and sour memories to cherish. Let’s give it a thought as to how can the institutions’ formulate the anti ragging laws in a better way and prevent such shameful incidents. The Billboard carries it in bold “RAGGING IS BANNED”. Suspension and expulsion of the students continues where ragging issues prevail. Enquiries are being set up against those who are found guilty. Responsibilities are being fixed and fines are being imposed on the raggers. But the message is, All this isn’t enough. We need to do something more….but WHAT?

National Anti-Ragging Helpline (UGC Crisis Hotline) – 24×7 Toll Free Number*


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