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I’ve traveled the world twice over,
Met the famous; saints and sinners,
Poets and artists, kings and queens,
Old stars and hopeful beginners,
I’ve been where no-one’s been before,
Learned secrets from writers and cooks
All with one library ticket
To the wonderful world of books.

~ Anonymous ~

The poem above said it all about BOOKS.
I am left to say Thanks to the world of Books and my parents who instilled this in me- “Reading habit”.


‘Reading habit’ has been on a diminishing pattern these days and rarely do I find its mention on the hobby list. I have seldom seen libraries being utilized effectively. I have known so many people who forbid books beyond the compulsive course or subject books, that I am aren’t surprised anymore. Though I feel sad for them but I know they do not realize what they are losing out. People prefer watching movies and shopping over reading books. In fact,I was looked upon as an alien who read voraciously. To overcome all , I have tried spreading the “Reading VIRUS” but it never became contagious to the level of becoming an epidemic.


Some of the peculiar statements and far fetched conclusions in relation to my ‘reading habit’ have amused me for long now.

  • “You have become quite a bore reading books and not partying”
  • “How can you manage turning and reading so many pages, I would die doing it”
  • “Your eyes have become weak because You read so much.”
  • “Subjects books are already so many then what is the need for other than them, its distraction and waste of money”
  • “Books WERE source of information,why do you read them now? Now its all available on the internet, television etc.They are so old fashioned types”

I have simply laughed over.

β€œThose who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.”-Proverb


I read an article today which stated ways of developing soft skills. I thought it would discuss many ways of doing it easy and scrolled through to absorb some for myself. But was really pleased to find that the author mentioned that there is only one way of doing it and that’s by reading books.I wondered what would happen to those who did not read and thought of writing some helping ways. Well just another attempt to spread the “VIRUS”.

For those who do not have a taste for reading,lets inculcate it.
Starting easy->

  • Pick a book of your interest, turn over the pages casually, read between the pictures.
  • If it compels you to go further, then do go for it otherwise look for another interesting one. But never force a book on yourself, it would seem like the most hated burdensome chore.
  • Carry a book with yourself whenever you move out.Put it in the bag or the car. Let it just be there,I am sure under some circumstances, when you would have nothing to kill time, this one would be best to spend sometime with . I bet you will never forget to carry one with you henceforth.
  • Don’t plan and Read
  • I have failed in this one miserably so I suggest not to plan our reading.Let it be very casual. Just pick up to read anything and anywhere and at any time.
  • It need not be an hour length reading time dedication motto. A 30 mins stretch is very relaxing. In fact after the 30 mins , you may just recollect what you have read or may be think what may happen in the next couple of pages. The later really adds to the fun of reading.
  • Make it pleasurable. Have some good tea or your favorite snacks while you read, or another kind of treat. Read at the most peaceful section of your house, its another form of meditation. In fact I cannot read properly when people are jabbering around me.
  • Visit book shops, maybe just for the sake of window shopping. I am sure you will find something that will attract you.
  • Mark out the inspiring lines or quotes, new or difficult words and try making a mental picture of them. It helps in comprehending and mastering the literary content in a better way.

Lets spread the ‘Reading Virus’.Kindly share some more easy ways that you have helped your friends with and they have said ” Reading is fun now”. Also tell me you love or loathe books because I am on a mission to spread the love for books and reading.

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Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.