After visiting Europe twice but in different seasons and reading so many books about Christmas, I wish to spend one of my CHRISTMAS in EUROPE!!

Last Saturday, I read this book- ‘Skipping Christmas’ by John Grisham. A friend of mine suggested reading Grisham’s book and I opted for the one with lesser pages. The title was catchy and interesting. Since the season of festivals has been around and Christmas is also close, it suited the flavor of the month. Also as a child, I had always been fond of Christmas tree and Santa presents which were dropped in by my parents. Here there was someone talking about skipping it. I had to read it.


The story revolves around Luther Krank and his wife Nora. Their only daughter Blair is away this Christmas and this gives Luther a well-calculated reason for giving the festival a miss. He wants to get rid of the unseemly aspect of Christmas- the great Expenses. Nora had always loved to celebrate the holidays in a big way with decorations, gifts, the tree, and a huge party, But Luther plans a Caribbean cruise this time. He is trying to get away from lugging shopping bags and crazy splurging.


Initially. Nora finds it hard to agree with her husband’s decision but eventually gives in. There were testing times when she had to turn down the Christmas tree, muffins and cards sellers offers. The idea of skipping the celebrations was acceptable to none. Often, the neighbors and friends tried their ways to show them that they were missing something very important. They teased them and often came up with playing pranks but Luther remained unperturbed.


In fact, while you read, you really want them to go for their cruise and get away with the regular celebrations for this year. It gets interesting and unpredictable as well. But the things take their turn and Luther has to step back on his adamant plan. The ending comes with a twist but I would have loved if the Krank’s had successfully been off for the cruise. But the story sets an example of great neighbors and Christmas gifts exchange. You really feel at peace if you gift someone something that he/she really is in demand of.


The theme revolves around Holidays, festivities and crazy splurging. Commercialization needs to be fought but instead of skipping it we need to slow down on the extravagances. Let’s not give the festivals an ugly face, keep up with the merry making but let the pomp and show die down. Celebrate together with love and joy. An entertaining book with a social message. I enjoyed reading it.

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