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Just with some extra time on my hand today and with the thinking cap giving no signals of writing a post, (obviously couldn’t resist later), I began surfing randomly. The latest craze these days is blogging for me, I thought why not explore more what others had to share. I have been following a couple of them quite religiously. Its great fun with the search engines, you just come across so many unique blogs. There’s an explosion of thoughts, million things to read and scribble about, bursts of words which keep the finger on the pulse and most importantly there aren’t any rules to stick to. That’s  our  BLOGOSPHERE 🙂

Writing has brought in great revolutions in all ages. Blogging is taking it a step further. It’s the best thing by which one can participate in social media. You have a voice and the web gives you the space.  I have followed my friend’s blogs since it all began, but felt the real urge to start my own only a few months back. The thought of having to come out with something new daily or even weekly basis scared me. Also I wanted to be honest with it. And now when am doing it, I can experience the fun out of it. 😉 It’s a commitment to my readers and I feel I can live my dream of building my personal brand. 🙂


As it’s well said, a piece of any write up isn’t complete until it has its readers. Praise and scorn should come in and be accepted naturally. Blog – It’s a forum of exchange of thoughts and the encouragement of the readers gives the real kick. Anyone blogging would know, the real fun lies in what the others have to say about your write up. An alternative thought is always welcome. Reading comments and replying back is just as awesome as reading or writing a blog. You just need to speak up your mind; the readers and ardent followers know how to utilize the posted content as per their needs and interests.

I had always known blog as a shorter version of weblog, the latest one that I have picked up today is BLOG = Better Listings On Google. Even I look forward to improve the count of unique visitors on my site. It’s enjoyable to build a readership and important as well to try and reach out to all. Did some real hard work for my blog today 😉 submitted my blog name at some very interesting and popular blog directories. Was bothered at one question, “category of the blog” 🙁 Since I do not stick to a particular topic, dint know what to mention. Hope it all works and flourishes. Last but not the least, it was fun to spread the word and do some hatke activity apart from writing a post for the BLOG.

Would love to hear more from you about blogging  🙂   What attracts you to blogs?


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Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.