“Strangers are family you have yet to come to know”

This one is an intriguing read -Mitch Albom’s book ‘THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN’. It comes with warmth and wisdom. It revolves around an afterlife journey which helps the protagonist, Eddie to gain insight into his life after death. Self exploration is the word. I bet it will compel you to think who all would be waiting for you. I am conjecturing since I have read.  🙂

Ever felt inquisitive about your ‘being in person’ on this Earth? You are born with a connection to a set of people but ever wondered why them and not others? Or what is the relevance of the few occurrences which just shooed away before you savored. Have you ever thought about the person who pulled up brakes of his vehicle to save you getting hurt while you were too engrossed in yourself? It all has a purpose and a meaning. Well this book will leave you pondering. I have come to believe, Heaven is not a wander land of fantasies but it’s an afterlife stage which unveils the mystery of being born, living, meeting people and dying– yet another journey in itself.

Don’t be amused when the first chapter says ‘END’ because that’s how it starts to impact. Eddie dies on his 83rd birthday, quite unknown to the fact that it was not the end of journey for him. The book keeps you going through his life events- the good and the bad relations, World War, the amusement park where he spent most of his life and his journey after death. He is met by 5 people in the heaven who had been waiting for him for long- long years. Some are his family members while others not so important as well. But when they relate their stories, he’s completely bewildered and realizes the latent significance of each one of them. Each one has an illuminating lesson for him. Life isn’t about feeling low, unloved, hated, and meaningless- it’s about serving a purpose.  🙂

An unknown last act of his life -a major turning point and lastly he realizes its essence. The book begins from here and ends here wrapping up all the lucid lessons to be improvised upon. A complete learning and will definitely affect the way you take life and the people around you. As the book unravels, it helps to realize your “being in person” on earth. No one is unimportant. We all have a meaningful life and the people we come across are of relevance to us in some or the other manner. It’s a connection which we fail to unearth here. Heaven may do it for us. I am in awe.

I must say a genuine book from Mitch Albom, which has a sweet charm and a rare magic to it. Sensitive with moderate references to death but it isn’t mawkish. It is touching and has a thoughtful flavor. The book has a perfect blend of emotions, well crafted on the flight of fantasy, teaching some of the greatest lessons of life. Reasons- it landed on the New York Times Best-Sellers List and remains a recommended read till date.

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